January 28, 2022

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Progressives accused the economic sector of preparing a “biological massacre”, which he called a lie

The non-parliamentary Slovak Progressive Party has accused the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic of trying to support tree burning by amending the Law on Supporting Renewable Energy Sources. The resort denies this.

According to him, the amendment is based on the decree of the European Union, and standards for the use of wood for energy purposes, according to the Ministry of Economy, will be part of the decisions of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic.

“We knew it simply at the time. Trying to change the laws and restart the biomass of the Slovak forests is unacceptable. It is clearly not enough for the Ministry of Economy to undermine green energy at the European level, but to our horror, it is now trying to aggravate the situation in Slovakia. Also,” said Martin Hojczyk, MEP and Vice President of PS.

And progressives have warned that without these efforts, national park reform would be entirely empty. According to them, the work of the Ministry of Economy is even more surprising because subsidizing the use of wood biomass as a renewable energy source distorts the market and undermines the processing industry in Slovakia.

However, the Ministry of Economy dismissed the accusation on the grounds that it is a new regulation, and therefore the purpose and method of promoting renewable energy sources may not be immediately clear. “The Ministry of Economy is also communicating with the Association for the Protection of Forests VLK and I am convinced that in the course of the dispute proceedings we will be able to find a way in which we can better define the proposed solution to prevent any form of biomass in our area. Forests so that they are easy to understand and also read for representatives of the Slovak Party Progressive,” stressed State Minister for the Economy Karol Gallick.

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According to Galek, the statements of the representatives of the Socialist Party are “a disgraceful lie and the making of politics where there is no place in it.” The Foreign Minister noted that it is the SaS that remains opposed to the fight against excessive logging for energy purposes and continues to support forest protection. “We will not allow people on their electricity bills to have their own bosses,” Galek emphasized.