November 28, 2021

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Prevents spying on Android devices

DuckDuckGo is famous for its internet search engine, which emphasizes privacy. The American company has created another tool to prevent installed applications from tracking user behavior.

Applications and games installed on smartphones or tablets collect information about the sites the user visits, how much time they spend on them, which applications they work with, and what they are looking for in the online world.

They send this data in an anonymous form to companies like Google, Apple or Facebook, which can use it to target ads. The more data companies have, the more accurate the targeting of ads, which brings them higher profits.

The solution from DuckDuckGo is to ensure that this data does not go anywhere from the smartphone. The tool is called App Tracking Protection and it is part of the DuckDuckGo web browser for Android.

It is still in beta and not available to everyone. However, users of Android devices can register for the waiting list. dedicate himself to grandmother wired server.

Although the tool is part of the browser app, it works across the device, the company explains in your blog. The tool recognizes data collection by other applications and blocks data collection.

Monitoring is not a VPN, but it behaves similarly. It uses local resources, and does not make connections through an external server, respectively. server network. DuckDuckGo claims to collect data on up to 96 percent of the most popular Android apps (by

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About 87 percent of these apps send user behavior data to Google, while 68 percent send it to Facebook.

App tracking protection could, in theory, be tougher than Apple’s original solution – Apple’s App Tracking Transparency. As part of this, iPhone owners can request that apps not collect any data.

Analytics Financial Times It showed that social networks lost $10 billion because of this setup. Android is more benevolent in this regard, although it already has stricter privacy settings.

a duck
Welcome screen for DuckDuckGo Browser for Android.

As Apple significantly complicates the process of collecting user data, advertisers have turned their (financial) attention to Android device owners. App Tracking Protection can complicate their plans if a large group of people use it.

However, the tool from DuckDuckGo does not have permission to change the internal configuration of Android devices like he don wired server. Therefore, protection from trackers may not be ideal. The level of efficiency is questionable.

How do you get to the job? download from Play Store DuckDuckGo Browser, go to Settings and select App Tracking Protection. Register in the waiting list with one click. The browser notifies you as soon as the feature becomes available to you.

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