January 21, 2022

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President Bush said chip shortages will continue in 2022

According to Stefan Hartung, the chip supply crisis will continue next year. He said this in an interview with Focus magazine.

The shortage of chips in the auto industry will not end and companies will face this problem in the next year as well. This was said by Stefan Hartung, the incoming president of the German company Bosch.

“Let’s face it, the chip crisis has not been overcome,” Hartung told DPA in an interview with Focus. Hartung will take over the management of Bosch, the world’s largest supplier of auto components, from January after Volkmar Diener.

“The entire German industry is very dependent on solving supply chain problems. Every missing chip can mean that the control system, and therefore the car as a whole, cannot be manufactured. This will cost us a lot of energy in 2022 as well.”

The semiconductor supply crisis is also likely to affect the goals of the new German ruling coalition. Precisely because of chip supply problems, there is a risk that its goal of having about 15 million electric cars on German roads by 2030 will fail. “This won’t be possible unless the global supply chain problem is resolved soon. And I’m not just talking about the issue,” Hartung said. Auto industry.

Bosch’s new boss is generally skeptical about his goals for electric cars. “This requires not only raw materials, batteries and demand, which in turn depends to a large extent on the charging infrastructure, but also on social change and technological transformation,” Hartung said. In addition, he added, it must be environmentally friendly.

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