January 27, 2022

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Preparations have begun for the comprehensive renovation of the SNP field and its environs – Vallo explains why they are digging there… | Bratislava city districts

Source: collage abn – FB Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic

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In the center of Bratislava, preparations have begun for the comprehensive renovation of the SNP Square, the Stone Square and the Gentle Revolution Square in front of the Old Market Square. Ten fenced wells were added in several places. According to Mayor Vala, this is a geoengineering survey to determine the level of groundwater, the composition of the subsurface layers, as well as the settlement conditions in the area.

“This survey will also tell us where and to what extent it is necessary to conduct an archaeological survey under this central area. We will begin the archaeological survey itself next spring,” said Vallow.

SNP Square, Gentle Revolution Square and Stone Square in the center of Bratislava await extensive reconstruction. The new space could be completed as early as 2024-2025. The total renovation, along with the construction of an underground garage in the city, is expected to cost around €20 million.

DPB may soon be the first carrier with a fleet of hydrogen buses in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic

Transport company Bratislava, which operates public transport in the capital, could soon become the first carrier of a fleet of hydrogen buses in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. On Wednesday (December 1), he evaluated the competition for a supplier of hydrogen-powered city buses.

The squares adjacent to each other should become a unified public space. More green space will be added, paving stones will return, the restoration will take into account climatic requirements, barriers will be removed and complex transportation will be solved. For example, traffic at the top of the Námestie SNP will be regulated more strictly, from the post office to the bottom. After the new, it will not be possible to drive between Štúrova Street and the area in front of the Prior department store.