January 29, 2022

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Preparations for the meeting with the Pope in Kosice culminate – Regions – News

During the youth meeting with Pope Francis, the prayer of Blessed Anna Kolisarova of Visoka nad Uhom will be on stage at TJ Lokomotiva Stadium. Father’s Day will also be heard in the Romani language. Gypsies from Luník IX translated the Father’s Prayer into the Romani language, and they also prayed in Bardejov or Jarovnice.


Pope’s visit to Kosice. theater format.

The theater itself, which will be in the Kosice Stadium, was created by graphic artist Stanislav Andic from Novi Salas, who has five children. He was also the author of the scene of Anka’s beatification, where he worked with the lily symbol. The space itself will be 28 meters wide, 20 meters deep and will rise to a height of about eight meters. The organizing team chose it from several proposals.

“Scene design is based on two components – faces and colors. The expression on a person’s face says a lot, and young people in particular are very sensitive to the emotions and moods that are expressed in facial expressions. They live on social networks, share their photos in different poses, express their feelings from During which, as well as what they experience. Therefore, their faces will be part of the scene. The author says that he created the scene during prayer and after talking with God and family. He also visited Vysoká nad Uhom several times during the pilgrimage.” The Slovak Bishops’ Conference (KBS) reported the details.

Video: Lokomotiva Stadium, where people will meet Pope Francis.

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Ordnance symbolizes sacrifice and love

The remains of Anna Kolisarova’s body are stored in two repositories of ammunition. One in St. cathedral. Alžbety in Košice and the second in Vysoká nad Uhom. These relics will also be displayed during Pope Francis’ visit. The relics have a heart shape that symbolizes sacrifice and love. It is made of silver and has a diameter of about half a meter. Its author is jeweler Marek Hosovsky.

The landscape is dominated by blue, expressing the search for the meaning of life. The red-brown color symbolizes sacrifice, life experiences, obstacles and sufferings that young people face in life in which they mature and mature. In its center there will be a cross made specifically for the beatification of Anka. It will again be dominated by the Body of Christ, created by the sculptor Jan Liske of Levocha. “With these same elements, we want to follow the feast of beatification in Kosice from three years ago and express the continuation of the story of the blessed young Lai in the lives of youth,” explains KBS.

Pope's visit to Kosice.  pickaxe. Photo: annakolesarova.sk

Kosice, the Pope, the relics Pope’s visit to Kosice. pickaxe.

Rich program on the field and in Luník IX

The program, which is being prepared to meet Pope Francis at the stadium in Kosice on September 14, will be punctuated by the message of Saint Anna, who was also beatified in this place. They will open it at 8. The accompanying program will start at 11 am until the Pope’s arrival and continue after his departure until 8 pm. The main program with the Pope will be between 4.45 and 6 pm.

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Before meeting with young people, Pope Francis will visit the Luník IX residential estate, where Salesians of Don Bosco have been working among the Roma since 2008. On this occasion, they prepared a standardized version of one of the basic Christian prayers of Father – Ded Amaro.

“I prayed the Father’s Prayer in Slovakia in several versions. We had our version here in Luník, they had their version in Bardejov na Poštárke, and we also prayed something quoted in Jarovnice. Because the idea arose that when the Holy Father is here, we pray with the Holy Father, we decided that the melody And the words will be one,” explained Peter Besini, delegate to the Salesian Pastoral Care of the Roma. The Salesians approached the Romani-speaking gypsies to translate this prayer. The lyrics to the last songs were written by Jean Hero and musically edited by Adrien Harvan.

Other basic prayers have already been translated into the Romani language. One is the Zdravas prayer, Mária, which will be heard in Luník as part of a common prayer of the rosary during the spiritual art program before the Pope arrives in the area near the Salesian Community Center in Luník IX settlement. in Kosice.

On the day of the meeting, the sector complex itself will be open to the public from 8 am. “Two hours before the arrival of the Holy Father, the settlement will be closed and entry will not be possible. Since there is a feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on that day, there will be mass at 11 am on the side stage where the preparatory program will take place. It will be celebrated by the Salesian Bishop and the current Apostolic Administrator of Azerbaijan, Mons It will be Vladimir Fekete and the preacher Don Joseph Lusko. From 1 pm the ninth Lunik choir will begin its program, and at 2 pm an artistic and spiritual program called “On the Road” will begin, consisting of songs, dances, powerful testimonies and prayers. From 15 :45, There are short commendations in the program,” the Slovak Bishops’ Conference reported on the program. The arrival of the Holy Father and a half-hour program with him is expected on the fourth day in the afternoon, which will continue for another hour after his departure.

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