January 29, 2022

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Premier League clubs meet in Liverpool to demand an investigation. Only one player was positive

Today 13:05

The English Football League (EFL) is facing pressure from clubs to investigate Liverpool FC’s actions in relation to the coronavirus in the squad following coach Jurgen Klopp’s statement. He admitted that the initial positive tests for most of the players were negative.

Early reports from Liverpool spoke of a widespread outbreak of the Corona virus, which led to the postponement of last week’s League Cup semi-final match against Arsenal London.

Reds conducted the first round of tests using the LFD method, and the second by the polymerase chain reaction method in an independent laboratory, both of which yielded a number of positive results. But the third round of tests, conducted shortly after the cup duel was postponed, revealed that the injured players were in fact negative.

According to Klopp, only defender Trent Alexander-Arnold has actually contracted the virus. According to The Athletic, false-positive LFD tests are very rare. “Last week we reported the outbreak, but it turns out the players were false positives. But the rules are the rules and not all false positives can play out.” German coach revealed.

His words infuriated rival English clubs. They ask Liverpool for an explanation of how this information came to be. If the Reds had learned of the false positive before the fight with Arsenal, they would have said the match should have taken place on time.

According to The Athletic, clubs are pressing the Premier League to investigate the situation. Several of them have requested that COVID-19 meetings be postponed this season, but the league has rejected their request. Some clubs require a heavy penalty kick for Liverpool.

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