January 29, 2022

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Prashar admitted a new relationship and Agatha?  Can't be serious!

Prashar admitted a new relationship and Agatha? Can’t be serious!

30.8. 19:00

That Agatha is unreal! Look what I revealed, just tap your forehead!

Jakob Pratsch recently caused a stir when he was caught at a party on Czech commercial television kissing a young colleague from the Czech series Dvojka na zabití Sara Sandeva, in which they played the central couple together. It seems to work not only in front of the camera, but also outside the cameras.

The couple did not comment on whether it was a relationship, but a few weeks later they appeared together at the film festival in Karlovy Vary, where they also lived together, so everything was clear. And if anyone was still in doubt, Jacob posted a photo on the social network with a view from his hotel room in Karlovy Vary and ended the post he attributed to her with the letters J and S, i.e. Jakub and Sara.

However, Agatha is not empty either. Although she could not go to Karlovy Vary, because years ago she caused a scandal with the father of her son Crispin Merrick Dubette, and was forbidden to enter there, but she came up with an alternative program, which also justified her non-participation. In Karlovy Vary. Since Kryšpín was in a summer soccer camp at the time, she packed up her daughter Miu and put her in her express house and went to Croatia.

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During the trip, Agáta spoke to fans live to recommend nice places or good restaurants. However, they were particularly interested in who was driving her motorhome, as she clearly wasn’t. It was immediately suspected to be Adam Ritter, who she had recently dated and had planned to start a mobile home business with him. Some fans went to Agata very sharply, whether the children knew someone who would part with him after a few weeks.

See what shocked Agáta Hanychová again! Well, who does not like …

The truth is that always soon after Agatha announced her new relationship, the end came. Thus, in the time since the separation from Jakub Prachař, at least six new relationships have collapsed. So Agatha did not want to talk much about her partner, did not want to show him to the fans, because, according to her, it brings her bad luck. After all, she allowed herself to talk to her and see what she revealed!