January 29, 2022

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Poutin and Grease Canadian Telecom Attract Global Frontiers

Poutin and Grease Canadian Telecom Attract Global Frontiers

Montreal – Some “treasures” of national cuisine are not subject to export, which only adds to their status at home. That’s it, a lot of people drowned in brown broth and found that the broth was topped with yoghurt with melted cheese. From above-ground restaurants in Montreal, Canada to fast food in Vancouver, from highway chains to rustic snack bars, it’s served on traditional aluminum plates.

With an undeniable heart and questionable taste, the food seems to be specially designed so that you can enjoy it after a game of hockey or skate in -20°C. Some Quebecers firmly believe that a “future global culinary trend” is hot, like sausages, burgers, pizza, tacos, or sushi.

“Pizza has gone global in 50 years,” says Sylvain Charlebois, an agronomist and author from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Putin areaThe book is titled “The Glorious Renaissance of Simple Diet”. Enthusiastic about his subject, he said it’s “alcoholic sauce and fried mozzarella: disgusting” in Lily, Shanghai, Mullabe (Australia), Dubai and Cleveland. “But this cultural appropriation is the prize for fame.”

Cafe Ideal, Warwick, Putin’s hometown – Photo: The true story of Putin / Facebook

This dish, already garnished in some parts of Canada with lobster, roast pork or roast chicken, can be adapted to all gastronomic traditions – a “crab, foie gras, gold foil” made in Toronto for the exorbitant price of $417. During the 2018 International Film Festival, Sylvain Charlebois says: “The simplicity of the recipe allows for all culinary fantasies.”

However, its origin is 100% from Quebec. After many years of investigation, Charlebois was able to confirm Putin’s birth in 1957: in Warwick, a town in Monterrey, Quebec, Café Ital asked the specific owner of Jean-Guy Linus, Fernando Lacans, to serve cheese. Yogurt in a frying pan. Fernand replied, “They’ll make you a bad shoe.” Did this word come from the English word “pudding”? After all, Sylvain Charlebois believed that the popularity of this rural and working-class diet was “embodied in a rebellion” against the wealthy, powerful, and civilian English Canadians by French Canadians.

A trained plate of broth added to the recipe.

It wasn’t until 1964 that “Modern Handbags” was born. Several ambassadors confirmed their success: a major Quebec restaurant added food to its menu, Burger King began serving it with its traditional burger – now considered “mandatory” at McDonald’s in Canada – and Ontario accepted it abroad. Smoke powder properly. The brand currently has 120 branches and promises to open 1300 branches worldwide soon, including 800 in the United States.

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Powdin’s growing success is a boon for Quebec. Luc Boivin Sagune-Lock-Saint-Jean runs a cheese factory and specializes in producing “cottage cheese,” a staple in the recipe. Rice cheese is made from cow’s milk, which has a chewy texture that the manufacturer adjusts so that the yogurt does not melt under the hot sauce. Poe, who owns a chain of “pilgrim counters” in Quebec, is one of the most serious proponents of food.

Burger king mix with poutine – photo: CC BY-SA 2.0 / Creative Commons

From the day the boutique made made on the French island of Corsica successful with local sausage, Bowen believed this dish had huge international potential. However, he sees it as urgent to preserve Bout’s identity in order to preserve his legacy. “Just as the world knows pizza is Italian, everyone should know that poutine is Quebecoa,” he says. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is perfect for Poutine, the designation that now enjoys French toast.

The general manager of the cheese factory knows that exporting his cheese is easy and it is a great opportunity for his business. It seeks to involve its fellow cheese producers in an integrated promotional and marketing campaign. In order to bolster the brand’s image for Quebec’s flavors and other calories, it already envisions creating a “Brotherhood of Poutine” based on pseudo-French culinary guilds from the Middle Ages to support new powder recipes. maintain his identity. “We will stop because Quebec will connect Putin to the Eiffel Tower in Paris,” he says.