April 17, 2021

Police in New York say police are trying to prevent people from fleeing the area UK News

The health secretary said police would be asked to prevent families from evacuating from Tier 4 areas, while additional officers would be stationed at railway stations.

Transport Secretary Grant Shops warned that additional police would be at London train stations to prevent people from leaving the city for “unnecessary” trips following images of chaotic scenes on Saturday night.

The new Tier 4 measures imposed on Sunday in London and the Southeast will indefinitely ban non-essential travel out of the area and home mixing, including throughout the festive season.

The announcements prompted a rush to London train stations at 7pm on Saturday, when tickets were no longer available online from several London stations, including Paddington, King’s Cross and Euston.

Footage posted on social media showed him waiting to board trains to Leeds at St Bangras station.

Asked if the family could be prevented from leaving the Tier 4 area to see their relatives on the BBC’s Andrew Mar Show on Sunday, Health Secretary Matt Hankok said police would support the new laws.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the scenes at London train stations were “a direct result of the chaotic way the notice was issued” but urged Londoners to abide by the new rules.

“I understand why people want to come back to see their moms, dads, aging relationships, but I think that’s wrong,” he said.

“I think it’s wrong to think about going yesterday or going today. Yesterday, technically, you may not be breaking the rules, but you may have the virus, you do not realize the virus has arrived.

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“You can carry the virus from London to your mom, dad, and aging relationships.

“We now have a vaccine rolled in and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“If you send the virus to an elderly relative, someone you love, who is long and effective due to the vaccine, who can catch the virus, will lose their life if God forbid.”

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