October 22, 2021

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Playstation 5

Playstation boss wants hundreds of millions of players to play their games

Jim Ryan’s vision is clear – to deliver Playstation titles to the widest possible audience.

The video game industry is experiencing one of the biggest transformations in decades. The classic model, where players buy a console and buy new titles for 60 euros for it, is obsolete. In addition, in today’s world, where game development often exceeds $100 million, this game has become unusable.

That’s why game publishers are starting to rethink their business, and more and more free-to-play titles are popping up, where you pay for content, or subscription services like Xbox Game Pass. And Sony faces a similar problem, which is beginning to reach the ceiling of options when selling not only consoles, but especially games.

Jim Ryan: I want to see a world where tens of millions of players play our games

Playstation president Jim Ryan also recently commented on the issue. It is clear that under his leadership, Sony is increasingly looking for a personal computer platform. That’s why the company recently Bought a studio NexusTo help them transfer games to computers.

“I would like to see a world where tens of millions of players can enjoy our Playstation games,” Ryan says in an interview and continues: “Maybe hundreds of millions of people. Right now, with the current console model, it’s successful for 10 or 20 million players to play a really big hit at Playstation.”

He is not afraid to compare games to music and movies. He says that almost unlimited number of people enjoy music and movies. So why not games?

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“I think some of the art (games) that our studios do is one of the best forms of entertainment created in the world. And if we look at the audience that enjoys our beautiful art… I am disappointed that it is 20-30 million people. I would like to see a world hundreds of millions of people enjoy these games,” Jim Ryan adds.

If you have the time and wondered what one of the most powerful people in the video game industry thinks, be sure to check out our interview.

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