January 19, 2022

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Photo: Traffic change in Wagnorska has already squandered MPs – what danger does that represent?

Source: collage abn – Google Maps and BF

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Recently we wrote about the fact that on Vajnorská Street – in the section between Príkopová and Bajkalská Streets there are clashes between pedestrians and cyclists on the sidewalk. The situation was to be resolved by a new bicycle route, which the municipality has outlined in recent days. It is located between the edge of the sidewalk and the driveway where vehicles will be parked. Many fear that this will increase the risk of collisions or accidents.

“So Wajnorska became a single-lane road for us in the new age. After the new road, there will be a bike path from the sidewalk (of course, as we always count pedestrians or drivers, so we build bike paths) and then a 75 cm space for the exit of vehicles, followed by One parking lot and one lane. So the children and passengers will get out of the car into the lane for cyclists and motorbikes. I think nothing will happen to anyone,” wrote Branislav Filipovic, Deputy Mayor of Bratislava-Novi Mesto Region, who added some of the existing photos that have been completed in street.

Source: collage abn – FB BF

There is a big change in traffic in Vajnorská – cars will be parked in a less-used lane and there will be a bike path on its edge …

Jacob Merva, the city’s deputy, has a very different view of this novelty than Wagnorska Positively evaluates the changes made.

Source: FB Jacob Marfa for a greener Bratislava

“The city council repaired the sidewalk well, added water permeable paving between trees for better growth, destroyed sidewalks, and then marked a bike lane on the road and parking lots next to it. The new world that represents streets for all, the world I want to live in. But the old world, Which represents, for example, the Deputy Mayor of Novi Mesto B., with the cars parked out of the road for years and occupying one lane.To spread the idea of ​​Bratislava streets to everyone more and more, despite the constant shouting and greeting, Jacob Merva, a Member of Parliament said of his most position Green Bratislava, on his Facebook page.A relatively sharp exchange of views took place between him and Mr. Filipovic on Facebook, full of attacks and mutual accusations, while the deputy mayor of Novi Mesto claims that he does nothing but defend the interests of people who live or work in this area. Deputy Filippovich for Bratislavské noviny “For example, the needs of the clinic, which will now lack the loading, unloading and supply area, have been completely forgotten. What I asked yesterday for the transport department of the municipality of Bratislava.”

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Also participating in the discussion was the former mayor of the Old Town Radoslav Štفتczyk: “TThis solution is excellent, but I personally do not consider it appropriate for the bike path to be paved and not wide at all. The sidewalks have already lost their justification and are not suitable for cyclists. It would also be appropriate to move the sewer further into the road and tilt the cycle path to the left so that cyclists do not ride in the drains.”

People from Wagnorska: We can’t fit the sidewalk with cyclists and scooters, there is a risk of collision

The repair of the section of Vagnorska Street in the new city of Bratislava, which includes the road and sidewalks, took several weeks, so residents of the area in particular had to arm themselves with patience and foresight. In the narrow area of ​​the sidewalk, pedestrians push together with scooters and cyclists. They will only mark the bike path on the road after repairs are completed.

The municipality reported the change on the social network as follows: “The new horizontal signage in Wagnorska, which is part of a more comprehensive repair of sidewalks and roads in this section, maintains the existing communication capacity of cars. It has occupied them. Parked cars for a long time, until now the lane has been driven one only.

Zdroj: Google Maps

The reason for the rush hour columns on Vagnorska Street is the traffic light at the intersection with the busy Baikalska Street and Jarosova Street. When cars in Bajkalská/Jarošová turn green, and vehicles in Vajnorská red, cars gather and congestion forms. So the key is the space in front of the intersection and here two lanes have been preserved as they were before the repair. Parking in the right lane could not be canceled due to the need for parking by residents of adjacent apartment buildings. The current solution is also safer thanks to the lane between parked cars and the protected bike path, which provides enough space to open the car door more securely from the right side and exit the vehicle. This new solution provides a safer environment for all road users and provides plenty of parking space for residents of Wagnorska Street.”

At the time of the deadline, the majority of voters on the FB page of ECHO – Nové Mesto Bratislava were more inclined to a solution, such as the one implemented on Košická Street (pictured right).

The fact is that if cyclists follow the road between the pavement and parked vehicles, they will be better protected from oncoming cars and there will be no danger of any immediate collision with them. On the other hand, they will have to drive at low speed in this section, where they can open the right door in front of them at any time in one of the parked cars, which they can crash into, as there is not much room for an evasive maneuver documented in the following image:

Zdroj: FB BF

The situation in which the driver exits the vehicle directly onto the road, where in this part of Wagnorska Street only one lane will remain running and the passenger on the side the bike path leads to is not considered optimal or safe by many of the people commenting on this photo. This will require the utmost caution from the car crews, but also from the cyclists and motorcyclists themselves who will pass through here.


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