January 29, 2022

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Photo of a woman (35 years old) meeting her boss at Zoome: but what's behind her back!  Incredible Mess

Photo of a woman (35 years old) meeting her boss at Zoome: but what’s behind her back! Incredible Mess

Nikki Faulkner, a 30-year-old HR employee from London, met her boss via Zoom while she was working from home a few weeks ago. Fifteen minutes later, she realized that Durex Lube lubricating gel was on the shelf behind her. She was scared because she was sure her boss had noticed, so she sat nervous for another 45 minutes and tried to keep talking as if everything was fine.

Nikki admitted that she doesn’t care. She did not want to move the bottle, because in this case she would draw more attention to her. Fortunately, her boss didn’t mention lubricating gel. “You know I’ve been in bed, so what else am I going to make on the shelf behind the bed? Next time I’m going to have meetings from the kitchen table. The bed has always been a bad idea.” unfortunate said.

Source: Facebook / Nikki Faulkner

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The lubricating gel is said to have been forgotten on the bedside shelf after spending the weekend with her boyfriend. “I usually work from the office, but this week has been particularly stressful, so I decided to work from home.” explained. After posting a strange event on social media, Faulkner added that all her friends thought it was really funny.

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