November 28, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Photo: In the Vesova Tunnel, a hundred cabinets were poured in a row, and almost five hundred of them remained after the previous contractor.

National Highway Corporation and Skanska inform On Tuesday, October 19, 2021, when an important stage in the construction of the Veskova Tunnel is reached. In recent days, workers have been able to cement the secondary lining vault into the system. These are parts of the construction that the previous contractor did not complete.

“In both tubes it is necessary to reinforce 474 vaults from the original contractor, which is a total length of more than five kilometres. The block of the upper vault is 12 meters long, but it is also shorter if the construction elements in the tunnel road require it,” Select highways on your site.

The thickness of one vault of the secondary lining in a standard cross-section reaches at least 30 cm. It is necessary to use approximately 100 m3 of concrete. Concrete is imported at regular intervals by transporting goods – mixers. Work takes place not only during the week but also on weekends.

We need a time of about 1.5-2 days for the preparatory work and making one cellar. Over the weekend, we built a hundred lockers in a row and we continue, “ It was identified by Igor Yurik, Project Manager of the Highway Tunnel from Skanska.

Traffic suspended on the road between the villages of Toure and Vichove

Active construction activity can also be observed on the outer sections of the highway. In the area between the villages of Vesuveh and Turi, several columns for bridge structures are being built. Due to the performance of the work and the guarantee of safety, traffic on the connecting road from Turia to Višňová is suspended for certain periods of time.

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According to information from the beginning of October, there are nearly 400 workers on the construction site, with the largest increase in human capacity reaching 600 workers.