January 27, 2022

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PHOTO Girl (22) Completely Changed Her Appearance, She Looks Like A Demon: When You See How Beautiful She Was Before

PHOTO Girl (22) Completely Changed Her Appearance, She Looks Like A Demon: When You See How Beautiful She Was Before

The 22-year-old Kierstyn from Texas has spent most of her life thinking about what she would like to look like. As the years passed, the girl became an attractive young woman, but she didn’t realize it, he said news.com.au. The dancer, who earns money on the adult platform OnlyFans, has decided to make a drastic change but her dream is for her. When she was able to save enough money, nothing prevented her from becoming the person she wanted to be so long ago.

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Which is a really drastic change, and most people say it’s for the worse. Milligan now looks like a demon, her body and face are tattooed, she has many implants, holes, fangs in her mouth, and she has also changed the color of her eyes, thanks to which she really looks like a messenger from hell. Her friends, not only them, told her she looked better before. Well, she loves herself. “I’ve always wanted to look exactly like that. I’ve had this vision for a long time,” He says.

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On TikTok, Kierstyn has more than 700,000 followers who have different views on the change. “I never respected myself before. I didn’t understand Who am I really. After the change, it’s completely different. Some do not understand this, and the craziest reactions are, of course, through social networks. I look like a demon, I was prettier before or I shouldn’t have had a very happy childhood and it affected me. On the other hand, it’s not just about negativity. Other people like my look and even want to take pictures with me,” She added.

Milligan’s family and boyfriend were so shocked that they had a tattoo in their eyes. She allegedly did it to see how society would perceive it, so it was actually a kind of social experiment. She started drawing tattoos when she was fifteen years old. Her early churches were about family and how she respects and loves them all. “Last year I had a butterfly and a Hebrew letter on my neck and a pink dagger on my shoulder. Then a butterfly appeared on my forehead, a dagger with flowers and a face, a bat down my breast and tattoos in my eyes added.” The girl explains. In the end, she added that she never wanted to blend in with the gray medium. Latest plans to tattoo the other half of his face.

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