January 24, 2022

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Philips Hue really understands Spotify, and can respond to your music genre or mood

Making your own dance floor at home, even with the right lighting, will be a little easier now. The Philips Hue smart lights and bulbs of the same name come with native support for Spotify music streaming service.

Even today, smart bulbs and light bulbs have been able to reflect moods, whether content is being played on a compatible TV or computer. However, when it comes to direct communication with the music being played, external sensors have been needed so far, which respond to the rhythm or volume of any sound from the environment.

Signify is finally changing this in collaboration with Spotify. Simply connect your music streaming account to Philips Hue and your home’s colorful lights will be able to respond in real time to the genre, mood, treble, bass or tempo of any song available on Spotify.

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Hue analyzes the metadata for each song in real time, allowing it to create its own lighting scenario. It will be possible to modify it slightly through the application. The brightness, intensity of light, and the color palette with which the lights should operate will remain in your hands.

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The new integration has its hook, and in addition to the Philips Hue mobile app, you’ll also need the Hue Bridge Central Gateway and Philips Hue color lights to use it. As far as Spotify is concerned, devices are no longer important there, even using a paid Premium account will not be required.

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The new feature started rolling out in the Hue app for first-time users yesterday and should be available to everyone globally later this week. Initially, it should be a pre-access feature that will become a constant part of the Hue app sometime during the month of October.