January 24, 2022

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PH Tokyo 2020: Josef Mitelka won a bronze medal

Yesterday 09:22

Slovakia won its first medal at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Cycling cyclist Josef Mitelka won the bronze medal in the fixed kilometer with a time of 1: 04.786 minutes. The winner was Spain’s Alfonso Lamas Capello and Britt Jodi Conde, with a difference of 0.290 seconds. Metelka fell behind the winner by 3,229 seconds.

In the same discipline, he won a silver five years ago in Rio de Janeiro, and earned a fourth PH medal in his account, when he also took home two golds in his combination of time trial and of the 4km Fighter Races.

Capello clocked 1:01,557 and improved his world record seven years ago: 1:01.683. Silver Conde also broke his limit when he broke his Paralympic Games record (1:04492) from Rio de Janeiro with a performance of 1:01,847.

“I’m very happy. For me, bronze is like gold. The two who passed me train for nothing but a kilometer.” It will have a four-kilometer fighter waiting for it on Friday, Metelka told Paralympic.sk, as it will defend gold.

Cycling – fixed kilometer:

1. Alfonso Lamas Cabello (p.) 1: 01.557 minutes,

2. Jodi Conde (F. Brett) +0.290 seconds,

3. Joseph Mitelka (SR) +3,229

4. Wu Quoking (China) +3,277,

5. Christopher Murphy (USA) +3,521,

6. Dorian Fullon (Father) +3,791

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