December 2, 2021

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Petra Vlhová – Ester Ledecká: Unfortunately, we have a problem

Yesterday 08:30

At the start of the ski season in the giant slalom in Sölden, Austria, there was also a funky face. Czech star Ester Ledecká took advantage of the fact that her priority on ice or speed systems had not yet started, and she also tried “The Giant”.

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However, not very successful, she finished 47th and did not advance to the second round. “I have mixed feelings. I am especially happy with the exercises, we did a lot of work in them and I felt good about them, even though they weren’t completely visible. I don’t have a lot of automated stuff yet, which has manifested itself, still,” Lydeka initially said. I have something to practice on.”

After that, she also showed her famous sense of humor. “And what about the race? I would say the weather is great,” The two-time Olympic winner laughed and then added: “A perfect start to the new season, I am delighted to be here. I gained a lot of experience. But I made a lot of mistakes. We will break it down and look forward to learning from it.”

Why did you even decide to participate in a giant slalom? “It is a very important discipline. It is great that you learn and improve this technique. We go at relatively quiet speeds, it is not that dangerous. At the moment, I consider it a training discipline,” Explain the downhill and super-G specialist, who didn’t have time to train much.

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He will have time for that after leaving abroad, with the first sprints scheduled to begin at the beginning of December. However, he has a slight problem. “We haven’t had the time to train the pace systems yet, there will be room for that. But unfortunately, we are having a hard time finding a team that will allow us to train together so that we can go up a good hill. However, I think we will succeed. I have a great team to take care of me. “.

Ester Lydica

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Last season, Lydica solved this problem by communicating with Petra Velhova, which is out of the question in the new season. Both teams ended the collaboration. Ledeka’s coach, Tomas Bank, already revealed this in a pre-season press conference. “They will not be Slovaks,” He answered a question with whom they would train. He added in a supplementary question that they should ask her coach Franz Gamper why.

We also asked Igor, father of Peter Vlova, about it. “I will not comment on these matters. Try Mrs. Lydeka’s question,” He answered our question. We don’t know the reasons for the breakup and we can only speculate on what really happened.

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Even if the cooperation did not end, it may not have helped Lydeka to solve the current problem. Vlhová does not plan to fight for a big world this season and will not participate in as many speed disciplines as last year.

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However, many smaller teams face a similar problem as Ledecká, who don’t want to let go of their hill skating powers or workouts. In most cases, this problem occurs when they achieve better results and are considered by the big teams as a threat. Vlhová and Žampovci have already solved the problem of finding the hills.

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“It seems that with my name there is a problem communicating with the big teams after past seasons. But I don’t know exactly where the problem is. In recent weeks, they told us they had a small space. Then we found out there was a place. I’m on my own, this is the hack. But I understand that Everyone wants to prepare as best they can.

we will try. We have a lot of friends in big teams, we will try to agree through them. Unfortunately, there are more factors and it’s not always up to our friends. This is how it is. We will try to find the best solution.”

And whether Lydica makes it into a big team or joins a smaller one, she basically doesn’t care. “If we connect with smaller teams, I have no problem with that. I just want to train on a track similar to where we are going to race.”

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