December 2, 2021

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Petra Felhaova today – Igor Felha: Livio in my heart. We can’t deal with the world

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The new ski season has begun with the traditional giant slalom on the glacier in western Austria in Sölden. And just like a year ago, Petra Velhova gave cause for joy to fans and also to her father Igor.

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However, the first round of Petra Vlhová was also traditional. Last season she was 10th after him, and now she is 6th. A year ago on the second lap, I went on the famous fastest ride and climbed to third, which I did again. Although her second lap ride wasn’t the fastest, it was enough to leap past one Austrian and Canadian competitor to third. Only winner Michaela Shifrin and second place Lara Gut Bahrami were above her power.

“I am very relaxed. Sölden is very important, he will show you how you are and where you will belong. It is also important for the head as he transitions into training. Of course she raised our adrenaline as usual” Her father Igor Fella was evaluated at the finish line after the race.

How did he see the second round? “There was a very important upper section in it, where I got a good introduction. The exit to the plain was a little worse, but the progress kept going. We beat girls from Austria, that was important.”

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Satisfaction with the result is also proven by the fact that Igor has a worse expectation. I guessed four. And why? “I don’t know why. Sure,” The disciplined Earth Father laughed well.

The great joy of the entire Vlh team was also seen at the finish line, as everyone cheered and hugged each other. Fella’s father was also happy with new coach Mauro Bini. “We went out and said it was very important for Petra to be in her place. Mauro also said it was very important for the head. We can look forward to the next part of the season.”

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Great joy for Petra Flova team

Source: Š, Alžbeta Takácsová

Her father confirmed the psychological state of Petra Valhova, which she has already shown in numerous interviews. “Petra is relaxed, it was also last night, even between bikes. Everything is fine.”

It also adds to the fact that he no longer has to go to every race in the big globe hunt. “We told ourselves we couldn’t handle the world at all. We’ve reached a goal beyond us. We’ll focus on the Olympics. We’re not going to get involved in any big world at all. Not at all.” Igor Vha stressed.

New divisions and stages

She had a very difficult season last season. She completed all the races and had almost no time to rest. But working with Italian coach Livio Magoni brought her the coveted big world. But after its end, she broke up with a racy coach and hired Swiss Mauro Bini. This change also brought her more comfort.

“We just knew it back then. One stage is closed and the other is ahead of us. There’s nothing else to look for behind it, it’s happening everywhere in life. We move on. Livio is in my heart. He did what he promised us, I love him. It’s normal, It is done in football or hockey. One phase is over and another phase has begun. It is normal in life too” Commented on the separation from the Italian coach.

Photo Gallery

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Igor Filha

Source: Š, Alžbeta Takácsová

In addition to splitting from Livio Magoni, Vlhovci has also seen a split from team Ester Ledecká, with whom they collaborated last season. However, at the pre-season press conference, Czech ski coach Tomas Bank said that they would no longer cooperate with the Slovaks.

When asked why, he just referred to the question of Lydeka coach Franz Gamper. Igor Velha did not want to comment on this topic and only said: “I will not comment on these matters. Try asking Mrs. Lydeka.” Thus, the reason for the disintegration of the Czech-Slovak national team is still a mystery.

The fans are back

The inaugural giant slalom was different from last year, especially in terms of the finish line. Twelve months ago, no one was standing there, this time with nine thousand fans, including several hundred from Slovakia.

“It is great to have spectators here and have fun with it. There are also a lot of Slovaks here and everyone is happy that the measures have been relaxed, but we have to be careful and careful so that we can survive the whole season like this with the spectators.”

However, the team surrounding Petra Vlova has yet to follow the required procedures. “We’re trapped in a bubble, but we don’t mind.” said Igor Felha, who only watched a large part of last season of the coronavirus pandemic on TV.

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Dominant leadership and greater competition

American Michaela Schiffrin had a great start to the season, she lost the first round with Lara Gotova Bahrami by 0.02 seconds, but confirmed her quality in the second, giving the Swiss 0.14 seconds. “I can only congratulate her today. On the first lap she showed an incredibly beautiful ride. We have something to look forward to, and we have inspiration,” He bowed before his daughter’s rival.

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Michaela Shivrinova

Source: Š, Alžbeta Takácsová

It also highlighted the fact that the starting field in women’s skating is declining, although the first three were traditional again, the others are getting closer and getting better. This is also documented by looking at the top ten after the opening round. There were up to six female skaters with a starting count higher than six.

“The Norwegians jumped in and I feel like it has increased a little bit. They are all training and they are all moving” Igor said to her. As many as four Norwegians finished in the top 30, three of them in the top 20.

a program

What will be the next program for Petra Flova and her father? “We’re going somewhere north of Levi, we’ll get ready to lech and meander,” It was revealed in the direction of the next race – on November 13, a giant parallel slalom in Lech and then a slalom in Levi.

Last season, Petra Flova did not have much support from her parents to face her epidemic on the right track. How will you be now? “We will go to the races, I don’t know if they all will. It will be such a daily decision. I want to go to Levi and then we will see.”

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