January 24, 2022

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Petking Agent Requests Naira's $399 Million Successes

Petking Agent Requests Naira’s $399 Million Successes

His league had a total of 25 selections, in which the first league matches were combined (English Premier League, Spanish LeagueWith lesser known league matches from Bolivia, Slovakia, Finland, Estonia and many more.

The winnings are the largest ever recorded since betting resumed Jay Jay Okocha This month. CEO Kingmakers Nigeria, Kochi OkanokHe congratulated the last winner, expressing his position on celebrating the winners on the podium.

Above all, we are here to deliver value to our customers. Our new business letter speaks of “that feeling” and we give positive impressions to our customers across the country.

In light of the victory itself, Goodwin, said another caressed client 10 285 984,60 naira Only with supplies 400 naira. When asked about his path to this incredible success, Agent Pitking commented: “When I won my last game, I was so excited, and I never expected it, because I saw that I lost the last game, and I was in great prayer with my wife. I can’t say that I am an expert in this game, but with God’s help, this game is unpredictable. I support Barcelona, ​​Messi is my mentor and I want to meet him one day.

Petking is a leading digital entertainment and sports platform focused on the African continent and a leading product that vertically attracts sports fans.

Its mission is to create integrated products, payment solutions and technology tailored to meet the needs of the local market – delivered through a unique online and agency distribution model that empowers entrepreneurs across the continent.

In the coming years, the business is expected to expand rapidly across Africa, while expanding its vertical presence to further enhance its digital entertainment portfolio.