January 22, 2022

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Peter Orimus’ unconventional move. An 18-year-old boy appeared at Zvolen Gate for two minutes

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The unconventional exchange of goalkeepers Zvolen took place in the Sunday derby of the Tepos Overtime Hockey League in Banska Bystrica. Adam Trinan, who replaced the injured Robin Ram unit, was among the poles of Zvolen from the start of the duel, but in the 25th minute, coach Peter Orimos decided to make an unconventional move.

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Trenčan was replaced for two minutes by 18-year-old Martin Halama and scored his first start in the A-team for the current champion. “I gave Martin a dream such an opportunity. Both goalkeepers are doing well in training, both Trenan and a dreamer. He will definitely cheer Martin. Perhaps in the near future I will send him on the ice for a long time. Now my decision was like that. As for Ram, already ”decision Adam Trinan’s transition to goal from the start of the match was taken a long time ago.” Explain the unusual move with goalkeeper coach Peter Oremos.

The people of Zvolen won 1-0 in Banska Bystrica thanks to a clean account from Adam Trenchan. After the match, he admitted that Sunday’s competition was an unconventional day for him: “I thought it was a ‘cool’ day. I got a good shovel in my head before the game. I got bitten a bit. Then I came on the ice and tripped, so I thought it was going to be a ‘great’ day” and then a player fell on me, second on my ankle and a third on my back. I thought it would be really fun. But in the end he came back and we won 1:0 football. We did what was great. ”

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Trenčan also commented on the unconventional two-minute substitution, specifically in the 25-27 minute range: “Martin jelly came to me soon instead of me, he tried it, he wanted to have a first run, got some pucks, he’s going to go long next time. I’m happy with the first zero, the boys played well, it was defensive hockey And honest. Every chance.”

Martin Helma learned of his short stay in the goal from coach Orimos during the first half between the first and second half. “The coach advised me that I would go into goal for one substitution in the second or third half, and that I should prepare for that. I said very well I could. It was a little harder, I was still a little frozen, but I really enjoyed it, I am grateful to the coach for the opportunity I guess it wasn’t the last time I had Ščerbak’s chances, I thought if he came to me he’d still play in Montreal and that’s what I’d do, but I thought you thought I’d pick him up, and that my steel robot on the court should be a mirror,” Describing the case of a dream about who believes that he will not pay anything to the box office of the club in his first start in the extra league: “I might not contribute to the treasury at first, because I’ve only been in goal for a while. I think Prano Kupka will forgive me.”

Canada’s Banska Bystrica goalkeeper Evan Weininger also impressed well in Sunday’s derby. He collected only one goal, but it was enough for Zvolin to earn three points.

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The defense of home hockey players worked reliably, so the loss was especially sad for the experienced midfielder Patrik Paszek: “The first half was very good on our part. We didn’t get a lot of chances, but the opponent didn’t either. Then at the beginning of the second half we scored a little unfortunate goal after our mistake. After that, Zvolen defended really well. The guests gave a really good performance in defence, on the Although we had a chance, there was still something, maybe if we had an extra step, more energy, we would be able to push hockey stick and Trenčan somehow into the goal.”