January 21, 2022

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People’s ability to direct their eyes to the stars, even during an epidemic

23. December 2021 at 11:33 I Paid Content

Why is sending a telescope not considered a sin against humanity?

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In one of their songs, Conflict sings: “The day is coming when we will vacation on the moon and soon build wonderful underwater cities, but we still can’t find a cure for the common cold.”

I was reminded of a script in which British villains criticized exaggerated belief in science and human progress a few days ago while listening to reports on the US space agency’s preparations. NASA to launch the James Webb Telescope.

The launch of the most powerful space telescope made by humans is scheduled for December 25, 2021, and if the mission is successful, it will open a new chapter in knowledge of the universe, as well as knowledge of our past, for humanity.

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Jan Spratek of Prague Observatory and Planetarium explained the telescope’s functionality on Czech Radio.

The James Webb Telescope has a mirror six times the size of the most famous Hubble Space Telescope, flies a million and a half miles from Earth, and can explore regions of the electromagnetic spectrum that its predecessor could not.

This opens up the possibility that we can catch the first flashes of bodies that formed right after the end of the Big Bang.

To consider the fulfillment of human desire anti flow NASA has invested the unthinkable $10 billion over time. In addition, he has only one attempt to send the telescope into space – due to the distance the telescope will fly, service tasks will be impossible, and if something goes wrong in the whole process, such a huge amount can appear.

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How do we deal with the knowledge that such a mission occurs during a pandemic that humanity has been unable to control for nearly two years?