January 29, 2022

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People pelted Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau with stones

The accident erupted when Justin Trudeau got on the bus.

Unidentified persons threw stones at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a visit to London, Ontario, where he visited on Monday as part of his election campaign. The Washington Post reported.

Maybe some stones hit him in the shoulder

The accident happened when Trudeau got on a bus. In a video posted on social media, you can see someone throwing a handful of stones in his direction. Besides the Prime Minister, there were several journalists near the bus entrance at that time.

Trudeau later told reporters that several stones may have hit him in the shoulder, and compared the incident to how a woman threw pumpkin seeds at him in 2016.

“There were a few rocks… nothing serious,” Trudeau said.

Early elections

This is one of the many incidents that occurred in Canada as part of the election campaign. Candidates from many political parties have already complained, for example, of being subjected to sexual and ethnic abuse.

Last month, Trudeau called an early parliamentary election, which has set a deadline of September 20. The Prime Minister is counting on the fact that thanks to the successful management of the coronavirus pandemic and the related economic crisis, his party has gained greater support among the population and will gain majority representation in the Canadian Parliament in the upcoming elections.

In the previous election in 2019, his Liberal Party failed to do so, and Trudeau has since led a minority government. It must count on the support of other parliamentary parties to enforce the legislation. In recent months, he complained about obstruction of the opposition

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Trudeau came to power in 2015, when his Liberal party won the most 338 seats in the House of Representatives. But in the 2019 elections, he was deeply offended by posting photos of the party 20 years ago, on which he painted his face black.