January 28, 2022

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PC GAMES Classic blockbusters on your current Xbox console thanks to backwards compatibility

PC GAMES Classic blockbusters on your current Xbox console thanks to backwards compatibility

Xbox has brought backward compatibility with more than 70 games from previous years, especially from the Xbox 360 era, but also Xbox classics. Halo infinite multiplayer is available in beta for free, and the game’s campaign will start on the 8th of December.

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary Xbox game consoles and the Halo game series brings a lot classic movies, but also a report new halo Campaigns For the Xbox gaming community. It was issued during this period 4th generation Xbox gamesCountless Game events, released games and partnerships with other companies, Cosmetic accessories for games and special cultural moments, Sometimes in a funky form, like Xbox Series X mini fridge, It is a refrigerator designed for the Xbox Series X game console.

Game titles are also a milestone, which is an integral part of game consoles. To the catalog of available games There are dozens of old game titles from the previous generation for Xbox game consoles. About More than 70 games, Which the company managed to return to the virtual library. This includes, for example whole series Max Payne, the FEAR series of games, and many more classic Xbox games available.

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FPS Boost Aims at selected gaming titles, thanks They get an improvement and at the same time the possibility of better playback at a higher frame rate for a second. Of course, this feature is available between game titles on the Xbox game console, but also for owners of the subscription service. Xbox Game Pass, More accuracy in games from Xbox Cloud games.

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Games List You’ve got FPS Boost and backward compatibility for Xbox Series X game consoles | S. find the following Pictures, or directly in the table on the Xbox home page.

Of course, we must not forget the Halo series. infinite aura Players can Try for free In an online multiplayer environment. Don’t miss the chance to try another game title from the well-known game series. The campaign is coming soon, namely on December 8, 2021.


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Source: Netky Johny Domanský, Xbox

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