January 29, 2022

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Pavol Čekan announced a novelty that would invade the USA and Britain.  The goal is to return to "normal life"

Pavol Čekan announced a novelty that would invade the USA and Britain. The goal is to return to “normal life”

The American-Slovakian biotechnology company MultiplexDX, which focuses on the early detection of cancer, is achieving worldwide success. The company’s goal, backed by biochemist Pavol Chikan, is early cancer diagnosis, which is crucial for subsequent treatment.

However, for MultiplexDX, the past year means a temporary shift from developing diagnostic tests for oncology and a transfer of the team’s ability to develop and manufacture RT-PCR tests for the novel coronavirus. Already in March 2020, the successful startup largely focused the capabilities of the entire team on the development of these tests. Thanks to this, they have already completed the development of the first of their nine tests for COVID-19 in April 2020.

In addition, in 2020 alone, the company donated 250,000 RT-PCR tests to Slovakia, and another 100,000 tests went as humanitarian aid to Kenya, Ukraine, Vatican, Serbia and Montenegro. According to Čekan himself, their industry shows, given the ability of SARS-CoV-2 to mutate, that the diagnosis of this disease should be oriented towards accuracy, ability to respond to new mutations, but also speed and simplicity of diagnosis.

Source: TASR / Martin Baumann, Facebook / Pavol Čekan

From this point of view, the company’s team sees a lot of room in the so-called LAMP tests. “LAMP tests are the latest and most innovative COVID-19 tests to date. Especially abroad, they view it as the golden mean for the safe organization of mass events, but also in protection against the virus entering the country from abroad.” An experienced biochemist writes on the social network.

The reason is the fact that LAMP tests are close to PCR tests, but they do not require demanding laboratory equipment for their evaluation, thanks to which you can get results within 90 minutes.

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“This is one of the reasons why we are launching more extensive contacts with partners abroad, such as the UK or the US, as many countries are tackling exactly the same main problem. In this way, we can also enable a relatively normal life, concerts, or theater performances, sporting events, or even travel to and from abroad, at the time of the next strong wave of the delta,” Čekan claims and draws public attention to him New video From the MultiplexDX workshop, which explains in more detail the advantages of the mentioned tests.

It should also be noted that from a scientific point of view, Coronary Crisis confirmed the quality and flexibility of the MultiplexDX team, without prior work experience with tests on COVID-19, they were able to respond very quickly and complete the revolutionary development. the exams.

“Personally, I am very happy to be able to compete with global players in the development of diagnostic tests, not only in terms of quality but also in terms of speed of development.” Chekan says. The revenue that the company was able to generate through the sale of the tests will allow it to fund additional research and development projects in the future, including the development of multiple oncology diagnostics, which it has slowly returned to in recent weeks.

The opening of schools will be a big test

Čekan’s LAMP exams are sure to find application in Slovak schools too. However, the head of the Ministry of Education, Branislav Groling, is not touching on testing at the moment, but rather on the fact that regions with a low vaccination rate will create a huge problem in the country. It was reported that due to the spread of Delta Alternatively, outbreaks in schools may occur in the new school year. This will close the selected classes, informing TASR.

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“Whoever decides to get vaccinated will facilitate the path of the third wave, which will also help with full-time teaching. Thanks to this, we will be able to keep schools running, which is the goal of many of us. Today we see areas where vaccination coverage is good and schools are less vulnerable.” But in other areas vaccination rates are low and there is a risk of outbreaks in schools as well.” Head of the Education Department said.

Source: TASR / Jaroslav Novak

In the event that the disease spreads in the school, RÚVZ will have to send the contacts of the infected person to home isolation. This means temporary distance learning until the isolation period ends. “I am sure that we all want students to be taught as much as possible in the classics, that is, in the classroom. It will help anyone who is vaccinated and thus reduce the risk of spreading the virus through the population.” Grohling explained. He added that the Ministry of Education continues to provide the opportunity for vaccination in the regions through special mobile vaccination teams.

Least fortified areas

The goal is to reduce school closures in the new school year as much as possible. This is one of the reasons why the Ministry of Education will report the vaccination status in individual neighborhoods on social networks every Tuesday.

According to data from the Institute for Health Analytics, the highest vaccination coverage is in the Bratislava region (59%). It is followed by Senec and Dunajská Streda (both 51%), Pezinok (50%) and Trnava (47%). The lowest vaccination rate is found in the Revuca region (26%). It is followed by Gelnica (27%), Rimavska Sobota and Poltár (28% each), Kežmarok (30%) and Detva (31%). “In these counties, there is a much higher risk of spreading the virus, which means more outbreaks, and therefore more frequent interventions by RÚVZ in the operation of schools,” Handed over from the Ministry of Education.

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Sources: MultiplexDX, TASR, IZA, Facebook / Pavol Chikan