January 22, 2022

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Paramedics attacked people who were not even adults yet.  Nature Complicates Work for the Former Politician (NEWSLETTER)

Paramedics attacked people who were not even adults yet. Nature Complicates Work for the Former Politician (NEWSLETTER)

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We have chosen three main themes:

  • Hooligans came to the Covid department, where they threatened employees. The world discovers what an omicron looks like
  • The former head of KDH and owner of several Bratislava operations is building a new restaurant. However, the project faces significant price exaggerations.
  • Life will soon show the pride of the former Tatras. But right now, he’s yawning.

Aggressive behavior of rioters

The tense attitude in society about the prolonged epidemic is reflected in the mental health and behavior of many people. Concept. However, what is incomprehensible are aggression, attacks on paramedics, without which we can hardly help ourselves, hate speech or death threats.

An accident occurred in the hospital in Svednik at the end of November, when a group of young people broke into the Covid ward and were aggressive towards the paramedics.

The police accused the residents of committing a riot and a violent crime against a group of five people who threatened to kill paramedics in the hospital. The staff locked themselves in front of them in one of the rooms, and the rioters banged on the door of the room and kicked him in an attempt to get to him.

If found guilty in court, they face up to six months to three years in prison. Among them was a 15-year-old girl. The Minister of Justice, Maria Kulikova, added to the incident that in addition to paramedics and paramedics, people who provide vaccines face several attacks.

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She believes that this is due to misinformation that creates fear and confusion in people.

More positive news comes from immunologist John Bell, who is a professor of medicine at Oxford University. This week, he reported to the public that the course of the disease after the omicron variant appeared to be less severe and that many people spend a relatively short time in hospital. According to him, high death rates are “a thing of the past”.

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