October 22, 2021

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Parádička: the new playground already serves children – small and medium businesses

Gradually, other things will be added for fun and relaxation.

Lasik. In Liesk, the Space Full of Fun project, Space Full of Life, with the support of the Foundation, has been successfully completed. cooperation unit The amount of 5999 euros. Liesečians also earned this money thanks to the villagers’ votes.

“In September, we were able to successfully implement the entire project, the weather “We are delighted that we have given them new opportunities for action games and active time spending,” said Mayor Martin Drevkak. Meanwhile, the village bought and erected three benches and a litter box.

During construction, the toy item supplier collaborated with municipal staff as well as volunteers. They not only installed and assembled game items, but also cleaned and cleaned small gardens.

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Children and adults alike got a safe place in the local part of the alum for fun and relaxation. The project will also include a relaxation area for adults with urban furniture, which will gradually be supplemented by the local government.

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