October 23, 2021

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Over the course of more than two years, nearly 2,000 companies ended up liquidating in Slovakia

Over the course of more than two years, nearly 2,000 companies ended up liquidating in Slovakia

Hundreds of companies in Slovakia are liquidated every year. From the beginning of 2019 until the middle of this year, 1,881 companies operating in the Slovak market had to undergo this process. The subjects she worked on had the shortest service life.

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Mostly in Bratislava, least in Prešov

In the past two and a half years, nearly two thousand companies have ended up in liquidation. The vast majority of them were limited liability companies. Up to 1496 chose this form of extinction of the total number of entities.

Significantly in the number of liquidated companies driving Bratislava and the surrounding area where nearly half of the businesses ended up this way (753). With a large distance behind the capital Followed by the areas around Banská BystricaWe currently register 156 liquidated entities. On the contrary, we record them at least in the Prešov منطقة (77), “explains data from Dun & Bradstreet analyst Petra Štěpánová.

Starting a business is easier than liquidating

As mentioned below, most often Those companies that worked in our shorter market disappeared. As many as 122 companies, which were at most one year old, 117 companies that were in operation for two years and 105 companies that were in operation for an additional year, were liquidated.

“From our statistics, we conclude that The reason may be a lack of capital and opportunities during a coronary crisis,” adds the analyst.

Liquidation of a company is a tedious, costly and lengthy process compared to its incorporation. The average term for a company liquidation is several months. Since 2019 it has been Average term of liquidation 10 months. Most of the companies were liquidated in 2016, when 1,539 companies ended in this way in one calendar year.

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