January 29, 2022

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Over 1,800 applicants registered for Grab Your Chance

Over 1,800 applicants registered for Grab Your Chance

BRATISLAVA, DECEMBER 20 (TASR) – The Center for Work, Social Affairs and Family (ÚPSVaR) is registering 1,846 applications for financial support worth more than nine million euros for the first two months of the Catch Your Chance project. The labor offices have already concluded 1,230 financial contribution agreements, which will create 1,411 new jobs for the long-term unemployed, the disabled and young people under the age of 30. This was stated on Monday by ÚPSVaR.

“As part of our latest project, we help the most vulnerable groups of job seekers. Thanks to this, we help the long-term unemployed, that is, those who registered more than 12 months ago, the disabled, but also those who are over 50 or under 30” Carol Zimmer, Director General and Secretary General of the Services Office for the Center for Work, Social and Family Affairs, outlined the project’s goal. According to him, these job seekers face the biggest problem in finding a job.

The first of the three measures of the project is aimed at those who want to start their own business. Starting a business is associated with higher financial costs, so under this procedure, disadvantaged job seekers can receive a one-time financial contribution of 5,600 euros. To date, the greatest interest in this measure has been registered by the Bardejov Bureau of Labor, Social Affairs and Family, with 52 applications.

The second measure of the project supports the recruitment of a new employee from among young job seekers under 30 years of age, as well as disadvantaged job seekers under the supervision of another employee. In the case of both categories, it is required to be in the register of job seekers for at least one month if the candidate has obtained a university degree for at least three months. Employers can receive a total financial contribution of up to €3,700 for this new employee over a four-month period.

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The third scale of the project, aimed at disadvantaged job seekers, has so far been of paramount importance in Prešov. Also in this case, they must have been in the registry for at least one month, and in the case of higher education, at least three months. The employer may receive a contribution to cover part of the employee’s total labor costs, up to a maximum of 550 euros per month. The requirement is that the job seeker fills the job created, at least within half of the specified weekly working time and for an indefinite period. They will make a financial contribution for a maximum period of six months and the employer must hold the position for at least another three months without a contribution.