January 29, 2022

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Ottawa is improving. Will it be driven by Tkachuk?

Ahead of the 2021-22 season, the NHL website provides a look at all the league clubs in the 32-team summer series in 32 days. We will now focus on Senators in Ottawa.

Four seasons without a playoff. Four seasons of suffering, suffering, more or less despair. The dream that it must eventually be better.

Now it will be a thing of the past. I believe. Maybe. Absolutely!

The Ottawa senators have one year to go, as they want to push themselves into the playoffs again after a tired split. Although until recently it seemed like a ridiculous desire, suddenly it was no longer completely unrealistic.

Only a few things have to appear at once.

First of all, it is necessary to do the expected and sign a new contract with the main player of the game Brady Tkachuk. The future of the club should be one of its historical faces. Accordingly, his contract is also baked, which allegedly must be up to eight years old and must also feature other generous numbers.

Video: Tkachuk settled after Norissa’s procedure

That would certainly hurt the senators’ treasury, but now there’s no room for a big deal—22-year-old Tkachuk played 198 games in the National Hockey League, and even in the Ottawa times scored 125 points, most recently in the NHL stats.

Does it have to be better? This must be the case with Tkachuk.

“He’s a fantastic player and an all-round leader,” a fellow cabin attendant praised. Nick Paul. “He has everything you would expect from an exceptional hockey player.”

Ottawa has been one of the most prominent figures in the league in recent years. However, owner Eugene Melnik reassured desperate fans in February 2019: “What is happening now must happen. We will build everything to have a very strong squad in 2021-2025.”

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So if he wanted to be a good prophet, the conversion must take place now. And one thing is for sure: only thanks to Tkachuk this will not come true.

The possible revival of the team also depends to a large extent on the stable performance of the other stars of the journey, the beak of the great twenty-four-year-old Thomas Chabot. Two years ago, he signed an eight-year contract for $64 million, and in the meantime he’s moved on undoubtedly among the best defenders in the league. His maximum point is 55 so far, but in the working group this can change very quickly. He also has many positive qualities, in addition to leadership potential.

Defensiveness has always been an issue in Ottawa. However, the summer of 2021 made sure it was different. A seasoned thirty-four-year-old defender has moved to the Canadian capital Nick Holden From Vegas Golden Knights, who was three years younger than him, took the same direction Michael Del Zotto Columbus jackets blue.

“There are not enough defenders,” explained general manager Pierre Dorion. “We have one big advantage: a lot of our defenders can play right and left. Thanks to the players who have come now, we are definitely stronger than last season.”

If no one left, they said goodbye to the club, for example Yevgeny DadunovAnd Ryan DsingelAnd Derek Stepan And Artyom Anisimov. They can have problems in Ottawa, especially in the center.

Or not at all – at least interesting guys like 20-year-old Shane Bennet will get a chance. There are many interesting people on the team that are worth focusing on. From German winger Tim Stutzel to last year’s Jake Sanderson project. This may be their year!

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For the Senators, it was already the case that others were very happy to be underestimated in the past few years. But no one is so wary yet. Both because of Matt Murray in goal, because of the re-signing of elite winger Drake Paterson, and because of new member of the club’s senior management, Pierre McGuire, the long-acclaimed TV commentator.

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“Furthermore, someone else can still strengthen us. There’s still plenty of time,” Dorion thought.

“Some clubs have problems with setting salaries, and there are also enough free players of quality. So maybe we will get to someone. In any case, we will be guided not only by pure hockey skills, but also by character. We take only those players who understand that In order to succeed they have to sacrifice something.”

Ottawa is like an inconspicuous flower bed at the end of a garden. For a long time he seemed uninterested, he only watered, puffed and planted. Now suddenly something starts to grow out of it, sprout and bloom. This plant could still dry up again soon. But let’s not be surprised if, on the contrary, a gardening gem comes out of it.