January 21, 2022

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OTAGON MMA: Viktor Pest Carlos Vémol accused of drug use

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The world of MMA never sleeps, and while we only saw one of the best matches in Octagon MMA history on Saturday, there is talk of what’s coming up today. Another enticing evening full of combat awaits us in less than two weeks.

The O2 Universum Arena in Prague will host Oktagon 28, and the highlight of the evening will be the semi-heavyweight title match Viktor Pešta vs. Stefan Putz. A possible victory could bring Victor Best closer to a duel with Carlos Femol, who rejects him, he says.

“That’s fun. He kept saying he’d go into the cage with anyone, but he’s avoiding me. It’s kind of inappropriate. I wanted to fight him because I thought people would enjoy it too. I’ve never stood up against a physically strong fighter stronger than me. But he doesn’t want to.” At the beginning of the year, Victor Best complained in an episode of the show. no plus phrases.

He added: “I think Carlos Vimola is afraid. Not physically. But he is afraid of losing. Every wrestler before the match in a row. By signing the contract, he must clarify what he can win in a particular fight and what he risks. He must have discovered that he can He loses more than he can wrestle with me.”

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The match with Carlos Femol was also a topic during the broadcast, in which Victor Pechta answered questions from his fans. Someone asked him if he thought Terminator was clean and free of banned substances.

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“I don’t think the blind will see that Carlos was not clean. Just how he always gets hurt and is already healed in a month. I think that’s very clear. When he had a match with Pín (Peter Ondroch at XFN in 2017, editor’s note), so he had a broken vertebra or something about two months ago. Suddenly healed? This isn’t very normal, is it? “ Victor Best of Carlos Femol was accused of using illegal substances.

ŠPORT.sk offered space for Vémol to respond, “Terminator” as it has repeated several times in the past: “Pests are idiot. I don’t give him any media attention.”

If Victor Pechta can get his hands on a semi-heavyweight belt, Carlos Vimola probably won’t have a choice. The Terminator announced that he wanted to be a champion in this category as well.

The 35-year-old is on pause to “replace parts”. We will find out on September 22 if he will succeed in holding a December duel with Samuel “Pirate” Krištofič after the operation, and on February 26 he will fight a boxing match with Czech rapper Marpa.