December 2, 2021

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Orange peel is a treasure of our family. This is how you can use it

Modern trends teach us not to waste food. So, try to find a use for the leftovers you throw away. A good example of this is the orange peel that makes our home beautiful in winter.

Use organic fruit

The rule of thumb is to use organic fruit on all boards of the house. They are not treated with chemical sprays, so you can use them for cooking or home cooking.

While not all of the pieces are totally beautiful, at least they aren’t overwhelmed with pollutants. Use the best fruits for cooking, and make some tools for the worst.

Trick to get rid of sprays

If you still want to use commonly available oranges, you need to get rid of the pesticides. You can remove most of them by honest washing in lukewarm water. Then make a brine soak in it for at least an hour. The third step is deep cleaning, which again you do in the vinegar bath. Mix the sour taste with water in a ratio of 1:4 in favor of a clear liquid. After an hour, take it out and let it dry and you can use it.

Scented decorations for the apartment

When peeling an orange, try to put the peel down very carefully. Cut it directly on the fruit with a knife until you divide it into four parts. Then put them down slowly. When you can keep it intact, you can now start decorating it.

Take fragrant cloves and prick them into different patterns. Make a hole in the top, then thread the thread here and make beautiful decorations for the branches of the tree. In addition to making your home look more beautiful, you’ll also smell great.

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delicious food punch

In the winter, we also have a more frequent taste of the punch. We automatically add dried citrus peel to it, which we buy at the store. But if you use fresh, the punch will have a more intense aroma.

Fiano Tony

Cut the peel into smaller pieces and cook it with the other ingredients. It tastes great even in a pot or if you’re making baking tea. It is best to use fresh cuts with a stronger aroma and taste. However, if you have a lot of them, you can also dry them in stock.

Fertilizer for flowers

Thanks to the orange peel, your flowers will also thrive. Cut it into the smallest pieces possible, mix it with a little soil and pour it over the flower pot. There it gradually begins to decompose and nutrients enter the soil. Be careful, even then, you should throw away pesticides or use organic fruits to prevent pollutants from entering the soil.

sweet bread

A very popular delicacy is candied bark. You can use it for baking or just a tease. The most important task is to get rid of its bitterness. So take a knife and cut off the white bottom as much as possible. Now move the peel into a bowl and pour water over it. Pour it out every morning and evening and repeat until it stays clear.

Kandizovaná pomarancova kôra

Then pick the peel and mix it with the sugar, which should be exactly how many oranges you have. Now spread it on greasy paper and let it dry.

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Aromatic olive oil

Salads as well as main dishes will perfectly enhance the aromatic, aromatic oils. Take a third of the empty olive oil bottle, in which you press the bark strips into thin pieces. You can also add herbs to it. Basil or thyme are wonderful. Leave room in the container, close it, and shake it well now. Leave it in a dark place for about two months and then you can use it.

Decorations for meals

Orange peel not only tastes interesting, but also looks great. So when it rises, make sure not to throw it away, but cut it into thin slices. With its beautiful intense orange color, your stake will look much better.

orange muffin

Stove cleaning sponge

You can also use orange food leftovers to clean your house. The leather acts like a sponge and they recommend using it specifically for stainless steel surface treatment. When you walk through it, essential oils, acids and other substances are gradually released, which perfectly clean the grease and leave the surface beautifully shiny.

Chocolate candy

Orange and chocolate always go together perfectly. Therefore, make a simple dessert that perfectly connects individual tastes. Cut fresh or candy cubes into small cubes. Mix it with melted hot chocolate and fill the candy mold.

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