January 29, 2022

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Orange has 4K UHD software, and has started selling a brand new set-top box

Orange has 4K UHD software, and has started selling a brand new set-top box

The Orange player has included a brand new decoder, which not only provides completely new unparalleled functionality, but also provides 4K Ultra HD resolution. Thanks to him, it is also possible to watch the first stations in such high definition.

The new Orange TV Box is built on the Android operating system, thanks to which it is possible to install third-party applications, that is, also peacefully competing IPTV services, but also Netflix, HBO Go or Amazon Prime Video.

“In recent years, the way of watching television and the habits of the public have changed. This was more evident during the recent epidemic measures,” said Júlia Piovarči, Orange Project Manager in charge of the Orange TV Box project.

That’s why Orange TV Box offers the modern features you’d expect from a modern set-top box. For example, thanks to it, you will not even need a smart TV, and the Orange TV Box will take care of the smart functions.

Of course, there is a Bluetooth module to which wireless headphones can be connected, as well as a possible audio system, speakers or even game controllers for online games, for example via Google Stadium. There is also the possibility of mirroring the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

Although the most common feature of modern smart TVs is the voice control feature, although the most notable feature is on the cake. It works through a microphone built into the remote control.

Also new is the all-new design Bluetooth remote control with buttons flat below the rubberized surface. The advantage is that you don’t have to look at the Orange TV Box, it can be hidden in a cabinet under the TV or anywhere outside.

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The big feature should be the 4K Ultra HD support. That’s why Orange has included the premiere TV shows on this show in the highest resolution possible today. So far, there are only two shows – Chuck TV 4K focusing on esports and the documentary station Love Nature 4K.

Orange TV Box is available to Orange TV customers via cable for a monthly fee of €3. According to the operator, the original Arris decoder remains on display as well.

Orange also boasted that the set-top box packaging is made from recycled materials and is completely recyclable. However, produce the TV box itself from recycled materials. However, the supplier will have to adjust this. The Orange set-top box is manufactured by a third party.