January 24, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Opposing the vaccine, a British man is happy to die ten days after contracting Govt-19 in a video

Leslie Lawrence, a British lawyer at the University of Cambridge, was diagnosed with Govt-19 last June.

Opposing the vaccine, the 58-year-old decided to photograph himself as a “vlog” (video and blog summary, editor’s note) on his Facebook page. Symptoms.

I believe it is covid because I want antibodies in my blood [plutôt] Than vaccinating“She is OK.

Britain has the flu, the cold, the cough. “No matter how horrible the last twenty-four hours have been, I’m glad to have Govt-19“, The man writes (In English). “I want to have more antibodies in my blood than a test vaccine and want to develop natural immunity.

His condition is rapidly deteriorating. Leslie Lawrence explains that she was in the womb for six hours to fight the pain.

He died on July 2 at his home in Dorset, southern England.

His wife, who also has diabetes and high blood pressure, was diagnosed with Govt-19 and had to be hospitalized. She has Told the BBC Her husband did “A terrible mistake” And had paid “Final Price”.

He was very educated … so I trusted him when he told me something“, She announced again.

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