January 29, 2022

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Opinion: Djokovic is not a victim, but such treatment does not concern him - I think - sports

Opinion: Djokovic is not a victim, but such treatment does not concern him – I think – sports

We only have six days in 2022, we have 359 more days. Based on the fact that the chain of events only slowly starts at the beginning of the year, then we have something to look forward to.

Novak Djokovic vs Koza Australia is the biggest tennis commercial in history. The kind that would give him a fortune to never take off. He has no winners, he only knows losers. He has bad solutions then only worse.

The global unit entered the fray. Unequal and unnecessary. The situation in Australia is clear – if you do not want a vaccine, do not come here. Djokovic does not want her, so he should have stayed at home. So much for the hero.

However, the Australian Open organizer still left him space. The exception that was previously obvious would raise hesitation. Not surprisingly, the country has one of the toughest lockdowns in the world – few casualties. Its inhabitants were not able to return home for several months and were “no labour, no work” practically poor.

With all due respect to what they’ve been through: Djokovic can’t blame him for that.

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The facts are as follows: 1. The request for exemption is anonymous. 2. Approved by two independent panels of experts – one compiled by the event organizer, the other by the State of Victoria. 3. The Australian Open had no effect on her awarding. 4. Djokovic isn’t the only player to claim it and eventually get it. 4. Whatever our opinion of the rules set, Djokovic did not break them. 5. Entry into Australian territory is a matter of the Federal Government, which first granted him asylum and then refused it.

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We remember that the day before his departure, Australian Prime Minister Morrison said: “It’s a matter for the state of Victoria. He has been granted an exemption on arrival, so we are complying with that decision.” An hour before Djokovic arrived in Melbourne and the country caused riots, everything was different. .

“Rules are rules. They apply to everyone.”

But there are actually quite a few unprotected tennis players in Melbourne. They may have completed the visa application correctly and have clear evidence of their eligibility for exemption. They may not have received that much attention when they entered Australian territory.

Global unity paid the price for the (lack of) local authorities’ contact, unclear instructions, and the failure of the regulators who let it reach the gates of Melbourne in the belief that everything would be fine. And perhaps even on my own belief that no obstacle is big enough not to be overcome.

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But it is not acceptable for the nine-time Australian champion to be so publicly humiliated. They were allowed to board the plane, held at the airport for eight hours, pushed into a detention center, and left to await sentencing in less than modest conditions for four days.

Whether Djokovic will get a medical exemption or whether he should travel to Australia at all remains unanswered, at least for the time being. However, the process, when they first said “yes” and then “no”, it smelled bad.

political calculations. Forcing yourself to irritate most people.

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Whatever we think about Djokovic and his attitudes, this treatment does not belong to him. The more you progress, the more a farce.