January 29, 2022

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Opera has launched a major collaboration with the Solana blockchain - who will be the King of Web3?

Opera has launched a major collaboration with the Solana blockchain – who will be the King of Web3?

Opera and blockchain Solana collaboration begins. Source: Twitter / Opera

Solana ecosystem Reports the start of cooperation with a popular browser opera To support decentralized dApps and native wallet apps.

Solana at the opera

December 10 browser opera In his official message on Twitter, he announced the start of cooperation with the company Solana Laboratories. The main goal of this important connection is the local support of the popular Solana blockchain, which will allow Opera to work for users The original wallet with all supported dApps.

Opera representatives further stated that the integration will be Final in the first quarter of 2022. Until then, however, users will be able to take advantage of all the benefits associated with the Solana blockchain in desktop and mobile browsers.

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The battle for Web3 begins

Opera is known for its positive and active interest in cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and Web3So calling Solana is not surprising.

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Compared to Web1 and 2 for Web3, there is no central entity that manages interactions. Communication is done through technology such as the blockchain, Where data flows in the network without a single point of failure.

The biggest uncrowned king of crypto browsers is bravewhich is powered by its own blockchain. The foundation of the whole ecosystem is the token paddle. Its mission is to rethink our advertising and content business, reward users for viewing ads, and enable the community to reward creators of high quality content.

However, Opera has taken a slightly simpler approach, which does not include cryptocurrency development or new experiments. Their browser was able to adapt to the Web3 era like no other.

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