October 23, 2021

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Only the money matters to UEFA, not the players!  The star's harsh words revolved around the world - other - football - sports

Only the money matters to UEFA, not the players! The star’s harsh words revolved around the world – other – football – sports

The Belgians entered the final tournament of the Nations League as the leader in the FIFA standings, but after losing to the French (2:3) and the Italians (1:2) they took the unpopular fourth place. place.


12.10.2021 15:35

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Football players from Belgium and France before the UEFA Nations League semi-final match. Thibaut Courtois is dressed in black.

Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was frustrated not only by two close defeats, but also by something else.

“I’ll be honest. We only play for third place in the League of Nations for the money, but not for us.

In addition, UEFA has the money for that, because it will have attractive matches on TV,” the 29-year-old Belgian goalkeeper told Sky Sports, his words were relayed by many international media.

“I admit that playing against Italy is important for us, but coaches should not change the whole squad. If we reach the finals, we will definitely start with a different composition,” added Courtois.

Two of Belgium’s top three stars, Romela Lukaku and Eden Hazard, did not make the match list against Italy due to muscle problems, Kevin De Bruyne started after an hour of play.

“It just shows how many games we play. Next year we have the World Championships in November and December, we will finish the season sometime in late June and start again shortly after that.

With this spread, we are more susceptible to injuries. People in UEFA can only speak when someone comes up with a Superliga project. Otherwise, they just take care of their pockets.”

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The Real Madrid goalkeeper claims that two weeks of rest after nearly 12 months of racing at the league and national team level is too low for footballers from the big clubs.

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The experienced Belgian continued: “If no one speaks in public, it will remain the same and nothing will change.”

In response to the criticism, UEFA said:

“It is not true that the League of Nations increases the number of matches at the national level, it regularly plays only on the league dates designated for international matches.

The League of Nations has been tasked with providing an extra level of national team matches to make them meaningful and attractive at all levels.

It is also not true that UEFA makes money in this competition. We redistribute all of his profits to the national football associations. This is how we finance and promote football across Europe.”

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In his “flow”, an angry Courtois did not ignore FIFA’s proposal to intensify holding world championships instead of four every two years.

“If this is implemented, we will not have any vacation anymore. We will already play the World Championship or the European Championship every year.

The result will be that the best players will still be injured. “We are not robots,” added the 2018 World Cup bronze medalist.

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