January 27, 2022

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Online meetings reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% Noizz

Online meetings reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% Noizz

During the pandemic, many of us have turned to distance learning and education. Although social contact is irreplaceable, the positive impact of online meetings is something that each of us should pay attention to. One-off business travel not only takes up our time but is also harmful to the planet.

New research shows that canceling face-to-face meetings can significantly reduce carbon emissions in the workplace. Researchers at Cornell University in the USA have discovered that moving a professional conference or business meeting to the Internet would be the same Reduce emissions by 94% and energy consumption by 90%. A hybrid model, where a maximum of half of the participants would be online, would reduce them by 67%, the portal tells euronews.

Business meetings are transferred to the online space.

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“We all go to conferences. We fly, we drive, we stay in hotels, we lecture, we meet people — and then we’re done,” says Fengqi You, lead author of the study. However, we have examined this issue comprehensively. During conferences, a lot of carbon is produced, a lot of energy is consumed, a lot of paper is printed, and a lot of food is served – Not to mention the generation of municipal solid waste,” the expert explains.

While it is true that even during online computer meetings a lot of energy is consumed, meeting face to face is much more complicated. For each conference participant, 2,994 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent will be released. To get a better idea, the fact that In 2017, more than 1.5 billion people from 180 countries traveled to attend business meetings.

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“There is a great deal of interest in climate change, so it would be beneficial to move from in-person conferences to hybrid or remote events,” says Yu. According to Paul Miller, CEO of Digital Workplace Group The way business conferences were organized before the pandemic was ‘too old’.

The idea of ​​flying will cost you a lot in terms of environment and human resourcesIf you are going somewhere for a two day conference. It can take four days of your time and all those trips, all the taxis and hotels… It’s tedious and stressful,” says Miller, who supports remote meetings, although he understands that not all meetings are suitable for the online space.

Miller explains it Quality over quantity is a philosophy that can be applied throughout the working life. If we hold face-to-face meetings for something private and do everything else online, we can easily reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.

“If you want to do that, you have to think about the financial, economic and environmental costs. Make sure it matters,” Miller adds. Last year, his company launched a program called Work Miles Movement (Translated as the movement of miles). It includes Establish a “budget” for the distance employees travel to and from work on a daily basisIn order to reduce transportation emissions.

The project is based on the idea of ​​financial budgets, where we cannot spend money that we do not have, therefore We’ll only make an effort on what’s really important. And the culture in the workplace has changed a lot since the start of the pandemic.

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Instead of flying across half the world and attending a 30-minute meeting, Now we’re looking at the digital possibility. “Take it almost like you’re booking really nice clothes,” Miller concludes. “It’s something you only use for special occasions.”


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