January 22, 2022

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OnePlus pauses update, OxygenOS 12 is full of bugs

OnePlus pauses update, OxygenOS 12 is full of bugs

Even the flagship smartphones OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro have joined the group of mobile devices, which have the privilege of updating to the Android 12 operating system. The new version embodied in the OxygenOS 12 environment was launched by the manufacturer distributed last week.

However, OnePlus has had to stop the constant updating of its flagship smartphones. Reviews from users have been largely negative, which is definitely not a good business card for a company like OnePlus.

“We are aware of the upgrade issues in OxygenOS 12 and our software team is working to resolve them. We are in the process of suspending the software update, releasing the new version as soon as possible.” I mentioned the company In a statement to Android Police . server.

Submitting complaints about a new program that we can split into two camps. One object to the system link OxygenOS 12 With the ColorOS interface produced by Oppo. The two companies are more or less merged, so there is a closer integration between them. OnePlus has essentially become a subsidiary of Oppo.

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OnePlus 9 Pro

The reactions of the second camp are more targeted. They describe errors in the behavior of smartphones and malfunctions of some elements and components that appeared after the update to Android 12. It is these observations that are behind the pull of the update.

It is not known at this time when the update will start again. But it will take some time. OnePlus isn’t the only manufacturer accelerating software innovation. The puzzles also suffered from complications Galaxy Z Flip 3 a Galaxy Z Fold 3 From the Samsung workshop.

An update for these devices is only available in select markets. The number of errors found according to recent news It also led to the update being suspended.

Samsung and OnePlus are among the first to update their smartphones, with the exception of Google and Pixel smartphones of course. But speed does not always pay off, as the example of the current OnePlus 9 smartphone shows.

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