November 28, 2021

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One week on the go: The United States has announced a border opening date, and Britain has been changed to vaccinate

Eight important news from the travel world you missed in the last seven days.

The United States will open its doors to travelers from November 8.US border opening Only applicable to fully vaccinated travelers – required benefits and last two weeks. In addition to a valid vaccination certificate, they will also need a negative Govt test that does not last more than 72 hours – upon arrival in the country, they will avoid being isolated. Vaccines recommended by the WHO – AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer – BioNTech, Sinopharm and Sinovac – will be accepted.

Airlines have been responding to the opening of the border between Europe and the US for more than 18 months – Special flight tickets to the United States They began to leave Vienna for about 370 euros in return.

From October 24, vaccinated travelers to the UK can be tested as soon as they arrive. Visitors to Slovakia arriving in the United Kingdom after 4 October 2021 who have been fully vaccinated with the approved vaccine will no longer have to undergo pre-arrival testing. From October 24, there will be another change – the test, which was first mandatory on the second day after arrival, can be taken immediately upon arrival. In addition, an antigen test is sufficient, the main advantage of which is low cost. Passengers with a positive result are then eligible for a free PCR test. The list of designated providers will be available on from 22 October.

Passengers who are not fully vaccinated must undergo a COVID-19 test prior to departure and be subjected to 10 days of isolation upon entry into the United Kingdom. Tests should be purchased on the second and eighth days after they arrive before the trip. There is an obligation to fill out the form.

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Bratislava in the Canary Islands from November. Milan Rostislav Štefánik airport acquired Link to Lancerot Still in August, it will launch every Saturday from November. Tickets are now available for 70. Passengers will need a negative test, Covit-19 confirmation or vaccination certificate. Finishing is still a duty Health form.

The travel festival returns on the road. After a long hiatus, the festival will travel to 13 Slovak cities. When crossing the Mexican border across Canada or the Corsican GR20, travelers can expect Michelle Knightlin presentations to introduce their voyages across the Pacific Ridge. More than 50 presentations and discussions await travelers during the so-called Big Festival, a three-day lecture in Bratislava on the first weekend of November. Titles include tips for individual travels and tricks or information about places like Peru, Poly, Martinique or Colombia. For the first time in Slovakia, one can also hear so-called sermons on the Triple Crown – three of the most popular tours in the United States. The presentation program and more information can be found here

Catalonia has canceled all operations since October 15. They join Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Portugal, which function as before the epidemic. Among other things, football stadiums or restaurants in Catalonia can refill at full capacity, and night activities can fill to full capacity. The rules regarding skill restrictions do not apply at cultural events, but it is mandatory to wear the veil in closed public places. Not only that Catalonia, But the whole of Spain has the highest rate of covid vaccine in the world, with both benefits already benefiting more than 80 percent of the population. Flights to Barcelona Passengers currently have a refund of about 30 euros on departure from Vienna.

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Alitalia Airlines ceases operations after 74 years. Once one of the largest airlines in Europe, it went through several failed recovery plans. It was won by the new IDA airlines, which were allowed to operate flights and sell tickets in August. Alitalia’s problems began in the 1990s, when experts said it was plagued by high prices, competition from cheap carriers, frequent strikes, sharp rise in fuel prices and a decline in passenger interest in the company’s bankruptcy.

The safest city in 2021 is Copenhagen. The so-called Safe Cities Schedule is the research of the Economist Intelligence Unit. It evaluates 60 cities based on 76 indicators and then divides the cities into the best rankings in the categories of digital, health, infrastructure, personal and environmental protection. Type Safe places Copenhagen dominates crime and the general sense of security during stay, followed by Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Stockholm and Brussels. In addition, Copenhagen is one of the places where travelers can fly from Bratislava this winter – Flights to Copenhagen They start at around 30.

Cyprus has added Slovakia to its list of red countries. Vaccinated travelers will continue to enter the country without being forced to prove themselves with a negative test or isolation. Non-vaccinated passengers must undergo two tests – registration is required 48 hours prior to departure. Absolute conditions for entry into Cyprus An article can be found in the workshop of the travel magazine #pelipecky.