November 30, 2021

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One of the most dangerous asteroids frightens scientists. Threatens to hit the ground

20. 10. 2021 06:00 | Bratislava /

Initially, it was assumed that the chance of meeting Earth would not be great.

Illustrative image.

Data collected by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission has helped scientists understand the asteroid Bennu they care about most. according to NASA There is a possibility that the asteroid will collide with Earth, much higher than initially expected.

“NASA’s planetary defense mission is to find and observe asteroids and comets that can approach Earth and pose a threat to our planet,” said Kelly Fast, director of the NASA Object Observation Program.

Bennu is scheduled to approach Earth in the year 2135. Although an object close to Earth poses no danger to our planet at that time, scientists must understand its exact trajectory during this encounter to predict how Earth’s gravity will alter the asteroid’s orbit around the Sun and affect its The risk of impact on the ground.

Scientists fear it will hit Earth by the year 2300. The chance of something like this happening is 1 in 1750, in terms of 0.057 percent.

Although the chances of reaching Earth are very slim, Bennu is still one of the two most dangerous asteroids known in our solar system. The second is an asteroid named 1950 DA.

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