October 22, 2021

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One huge era has just come to an end: the legendary Hochschorner brothers have ended their careers!

One huge era has just come to an end: the legendary Hochschorner brothers have ended their careers!

Pictured, Slovakian actors Pavol and Peter Hochornerovci during the C2 finals of the World Aquatic Slalom Championships at the Divoká voda Aquatics Complex in unovo, Bratislava. Source: TASR / Jaroslav Novák

Onovo – Slovak watersliders Pavol and Peter Hochornirovsi finished seventh in the sprint sprint at the World Championships in Sonoff. Czechs Ondřej Rolenc and Daniel Suchánek were victorious against two ships from France. These were the last races in their careers for the three-time winners from Slovakia.

Ladislav Danek also presented himself in the C1 sprint final. The gold medal in this category was won by Czech Ondij Rowling, and the silver medals by France’s Quentin d’Azur and Charles Verion, both of whom reached the finish line at the same time. The diary ended right behind them.

Katarína Kopúnová ranked ninth in the same women’s major, while Viktória Scholzová ranked 11th.

Sprint World Cup results:

K1 Women:
1. Lise Venetova (France) 58.13 seconds, Teresa Kneplova (Czech Republic) 58.27, 3. Gilles Sophie Ekertova (Germany) 58.46

K1 men:
1. Nejc Znidarčič (SVN) 51.46, 2. Luca Barone 52.02, 3. Maxence Barouh (both) 52.03

C1 women:
1. Cecilia Panatova (Italy) 62,33, 2. Now Knéblová 62,80, Martina Satková (CZE) 64,51 (both CR) … 9. Katarína KOPÚNOVÁ 67,65, 11, Viktória SCHOLZOVÁ 71,25 ( both SR)

C1 men:
1. Ondřej Rolenc (CZE) 57.09, 2. Quentin Dazeur (Fr.) 57.36, and Charles Ferrion (both Sr.) both 57.36 … 4. Ladislav DANÍK (SR) 58.11

C2 men:
1. Ondřej Rolenc / Daniel Suchánek (CZE) 55.77, 2. Quentin Dazeur / Stephane Santamaria 55.90, 3. Pierre Troubady / Hugues Moret (both fr) 55.91 … 7. Pavol HOCHSCHORNER / Peter HOCHSCHORNER (SR) 57.24

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