December 9, 2021

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On the trail of dark matter discovery. The moon and the earth were hit by small black holes

Scientists have created one of the craziest theories we’ve ever seen. According to them, the tiny black holes that hit the moon travel through the universe and can give us answers to the complex question of dark matter, reach futurism.

They are smaller than atoms

black holes that New study The science team describes that it must have formed during the first moments of the universe’s existence, right after the Big Bang. Although they were initially in thick clouds, they began to spread as they wandered and expanded in the universe.

How do CNET explainsLooks like they’ve flown across our space “Area” It also hit objects in our solar system. Scientist Matt Kaplan of Illinois State University adds that in the past, if it really existed, it would have hit the moon.

ESA/Hubble, N. Bartmann

In fact, they can collide with anything, including the ground. However, the advantage of the Moon is that it does not have an atmosphere and the effects of asteroids and other collisions are not eroded. So, if there are traces of collisions with miniature black holes smaller than an atom, they must exist today.

It will solve the dark matter problem

As Aluge Galenwich, a theoretical physicist at the Canadian Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, In the study In combination with Kaplan, the better name for dark matter is actually “transparent material”.

The reason is that “It does not interact with light, does not reflect it, and does not produce.”. According to our previous knowledge It makes up about 27% of the entire universe and its expansion slows down. On the other hand, dark energy accounts for up to 68% and the expansion is constantly accelerating.


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If ancient black holes hit the moon, they would leave behind tiny craters no more than a few feet wide. However, the key is that they had to leave a certain shape to the point of impact, so that we could identify such collisions. If they carried dark matter with them, they could create matter on the Moon that would be impossible without this process.

It’s not that simple

So, if we find craters on the Moon correctly, we can confirm the existence of such miniature black holes and basically move forward with solving the dark matter problem. However, the fundamental problem is that this still does not explain the formation of such small black holes, nor how dark matter works and what it is made of.

Even if we wanted to prove the existence of tiny black holes, identifying the holes might not be enough. Another important step is to sample and examine these areas thoroughly, as this can be very useful. A number of modern lunar programs, such as Artemis.

Picture of astronauts on the moon during the Artemis mission. Source: NASA

Until then, black holes, whether small or giant, remain a mystery whose true nature we have not yet discovered. not even Large black holes, which we have already managed to launchIt’s not quite clear to us yet.