January 22, 2022

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On the eve of the talks between Russia and NATO in Brussels, a Ukrainian soldier was killed

On the eve of the talks between Russia and NATO in Brussels, a Ukrainian soldier was killed

Tensions over Ukraine have worsened in recent months, with Washington and Kiev’s European allies accusing Russia of preparing to invade the former Soviet republic. Ukraine said separatists targeted its military positions in the east on Tuesday, firing heavy machine guns and light weapons. “One member of the armed forces was fatally wounded,” he added. The Ukrainian military said in a statement on Wednesday that its soldiers were returning fire.

Moscow is accused of mobilizing about 100,000 soldiers on the border with Ukraine. The Kremlin describes the presence of its forces as protection against illegal actions by the West, especially the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and calls for broad concessions from Washington and its allies, such as not preventing NATO from expanding eastward.

The first round of talks between the United States and Russia in Geneva on Monday, aimed at easing tensions on the Ukrainian border, proved fruitless. The next round of talks will start on Wednesday at NATO headquarters in Brussels. Since 2014, when Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimea, Kiev has been fighting the Promoskov uprising in two breakaway regions on the border with Russia. This conflict has already claimed more than 13,000 lives.

The United States is preparing the radar systems and naval equipment of Ukraine

The US government will send radar systems and naval equipment to Ukraine. However, it is not clear when the first shipments will arrive in this country, news portal 112 Ukraine reported on Wednesday. “Given that US intelligence assumes that Russia could launch a large-scale invasion using all its military power, this assistance would allow Ukraine to inflict additional damage on Russia, but would not significantly change the outcome.” Said a source from the office of the Ukrainian President.

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Referring to Politico.com, 112 Ukraine said it was part of a $200 million emergency defense package for Ukraine approved by the White House in late December 2021.

The portal indicated that the US Congress is considering recognizing Ukraine as a “NATO plus” country. This would provide Ukraine with the required military and diplomatic support against the backdrop of a gathering of Russian military forces near the border with Ukraine. 112 Ukraine added that recognition of Ukraine as a “NATO plus” country would provide a quick review of sales of some US defense goods and services.

Stoltenberg said the NATO-Russia Council is an appropriate opportunity to address concerns

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said at the start of a meeting on Wednesday that the NATO-Russia Council is an appropriate opportunity to address common concerns. “The NATO-Russia Council is meeting today. It is an appropriate opportunity for dialogue at a critical moment for European security. When tensions are high, it is important that we sit down and address our concerns.” Stoltenberg wrote on Twitter.

TASS said the first meeting of the NATO-Russia Council in two and a half years began in Brussels on Wednesday morning. Both parties declined introductory statements. However, the meeting began in a very warm atmosphere. Head of the Russian delegation, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko, High Representative of the United States, shook hands with Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman before the meeting.

The Russian senior delegate welcomed the other participants to the meeting – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the permanent representatives of the 30 NATO member states – with fists, in accordance with regulations related to the coronavirus pandemic. The meeting participants wear the veil and pass it only during the festive photo session.

Tensions over Ukraine have risen in recent months as European allies Washington and Kiev have repeatedly accused Russia of preparing to invade Ukraine. In this situation, Moscow is asking Washington and its NATO allies for wide-ranging security guarantees and insisting that it has received promises that NATO will not expand to Ukraine and Georgia.

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After Monday’s talks in Geneva, Russian and US officials agreed to continue talks, but there was no breakthrough in Geneva itself. The Standing Committee of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) meets in Vienna on Thursday, where the topic of Ukraine is also expected to dominate. Russia occupied Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula in 2014, and has since been supporting pro-Russian separatist forces in eastern Ukraine. The conflict in Donbass claimed more than 13,000 lives.