January 29, 2022

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Omigron closes the border.  After the holidays, it can create most events

Omigron closes the border. After the holidays, it can create most events

17. December 2021 at 23:20 I Payment content

Austria is also tightening entry.

London, Bratislava. Thousands of passengers filled London’s St. Pancras station on Thursday and Friday. If they wanted to go on vacation in France, they might have had one last chance.

Eurostar, which runs trains across the English Channel, has insisted that people have not already bought tickets and should not go to the train station unless there are negative tests. Corona virus. There was also heavy traffic on the way to Dover Harbor.

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With a massive increase in cases of new corona virus variants Omigron Travel to Britain will be complicated – France has banned people from traveling to Britain from Friday unless there are “compelling reasons”. Travel and business trips are not possible.

In recent days Britain has become the center of Omigron diversity. An increase in cases may disable travel to many regions before the holidays. Austria, for example, has tightened entry conditions.

Tests should be done from those who have been vaccinated

The United Kingdom set a new epidemic record on Friday – the corona virus was detected in more than 93,000 people, the highest since the outbreak began.

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