January 22, 2022

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Omicron Specialist: Uneven vaccination is a problem!  Western countries are selfish

Omicron Specialist: Uneven vaccination is a problem! Western countries are selfish

According to Rocco “The scientific community has repeatedly warned the international community about the dangers of completely new variants in places where vaccination against coronavirus is very low.”.

In the video, the lockdown will be set over the weekend, Heger at the coalition discussed mandatory vaccination

The selfish approach of the West

“It’s a selfish approach from Western countries… It’s unbelievable that we still don’t realize how interconnected we are. That’s why I call the omicron variable an important clue.” Roca said. He added that an effort was needed to end the epidemic “Identifying new solutions, the only way to achieve this, vaccination is available everywhere and for everyone”.

Source: Topky.sk / Maarty

Western countries criticize the “vaccine of nationalism”

According to the United Nations, about 65 percent of people in high-income countries are vaccinated with at least the first dose of the cancer vaccine. However, in low-income countries it is only seven percent. Western countries have been criticized for “vaccine nationalism” and the backlog of vaccines, and the World Health Organization has urged them not to revaccinate their citizens while millions of people around the world have yet to receive a single dose.

Many countries have suspended flights from South Africa

The new variant of omicron was first reported on November 24 from the Republic of South Africa. Since then, it has been reported in other countries in South Africa, as well as in Hong Kong, Israel, Canada, the United States and several European countries. Several countries responded by canceling flights from South Africa and other restrictions.

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