January 27, 2022

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Octagon 29: David Kuzma defended his title, and Karol Resavi fell. Does Evan Buchinger have a discount?

Today 04:30

In the Octagon 29 main match, David Kozma defended his Velterkov welterweight title against veteran Bojan Veličkovič for the fourth time. Team Srba finished at TKO in the fourth round.

NScheap card

Felterova: David Kuzma (CZE) – Bojan Velikovicsyrup) – TKO (Round 4, 3:16) – defend the title

Easy: Carol Risavo (SVK) – Lucien Keita (BEL) – KO (1. kolo, 2:55)

DrWeighing up to 80 kg: Christian Eckerlin (gear) – Ioannis Paleologos (GRE) – Naked rear throttle (1. Colo, 2:55)

Easy: Matej Koznik (CZE) – Christian Simon (SVK) – Body (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Difficult: Daniel Dietrich (CZ) – Thomas Narmo (North) – TKO (Round 1, 5:00)

mode: firefighters (ASM) – Pavel Salčák (CZE) – TKO (Round 2, 0:37)


Agreed up to 73 kg: Marek Bartel (CZ) – Jean Cherokee (CZE) – for underwear (27-30, 27-30, 27-30)

mode: Marcin Narushka (Poland) – Jakub Běle (CZE) – body (29-28, 29-27, 30-27)

Easy: Jan Malach (CZ) – burning lentils (gear) – armbar (3. kolo, 3:59)

Felterova: Artur Karavaev (Russia) – Santana’s age (Spain) – in the body (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Perova: Roman Paulos (SVK) – Peter Gibbals (CZE) – TKO (Round 3, 4:50)

The difference at first was really interesting. Veličkovi entered the arena at the Bobycentrum in Brno in front of a thousand fans of the song of the Coldplay group and fought with emotions. The Serb had tears in his eyes, every other chills all over his body. Kuzma is built on the classic song, the song from the cult series Baywatch. Talk to fans, especially those who wear pink.

Novotny: The Only Unquestionable King Kuzma

The Czech champion guarded Veličkovi’s fearsome kicks with exceptions, and made his way into the fight. He tortured his opponent and threw him and intervened from his position. His elbows were sharp, as usual. In the third round, he survived a critical moment, when he collected a high kick and performed the so-called shake hen dance.

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He fell at my defiant feet, but instead of the ground and pounds, he mistakenly tried to choke. Kuzma survived and ascended from that moment on. And included maybe two minutes of pressure in the fourth round until the referee entered.

Champion David Kuzma

17. 11. 2018, Gabor Buraus – TKO (Second round, 0:22) – won the title
16. 03. 2019, Samuel Krestowicz For points – first defense
17. 10. 2020, Matthew the gardener For points – second defense
29. 05. 2021, Leandro Silva For points – third defense
04. 12. 2021, Bojan Velikovic – TKO (4th round, 3:16) – 4th company

David Kuzma and his story:

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“We are very proud to be our champion. The only unquestionable king. Not only of this weight, but of the entire appraiser ”, the organization’s promoter Ondig Nowotny expressed his respect for Kuzma.

The ‘Pink Panther’ was also hailed by former UFC title contender Israel Adesanya and is currently in the top ten middleweight Kelvin Gastelum. The American participated in the commentary on the English version.

Bojan Velikovic and his story:

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Destroyed dancer Keita Reed, wants a legend

“I think (red) is a bit exaggerated here. And I have no idea why. I really fought with my best and strongest,” Lucien Keita, 23, confidently said in the trailer for the match according to odds, with a 6-0 balance in the smaller organizations. Unfortunately for Carol Resavi, he backed the statement with actions.

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The Guinean, who also represents Belgium, fired a cannon from the start. Dynamic combos hit the Slovaks, tightening the net after strikes. Kita is similar to Clubber Lang’s cult boxing machine from Rocky. He sent Redhead to the ground four times in less than three minutes, and after the final knockout left him panting.

Keita, who in his words came to support 60 fans, danced in celebration after the match and was full of energy. Continue to make confident statements during the interview.

“There are no limits, I come for everything! You have Evan Buchinger. Why is he three titles? He will lose, I am the best. I will kick his ass anywhere. Black Panther shouted I want to write my name in the history of the octagon.”

Ronald Paradiser has already contacted Keita on the social network, and the reaction of the first and only Oktagon champion in two scales, Evan Buchinger, will undoubtedly be exciting. Slovakian legend Kosm was due to contest a third title in Saturday’s tournament, and a knee injury hampered a historic record attempt.

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Paulus: I am the future of Slovak MMA

Roman Paulos defeated minor candidate Peter Mount in a talent duel after two rounds with a dominant third. “I have a young face, I will be an outsider with each other. But understand, I am the future of this sport in Slovakia. I am sorry, I may seem to have a great ego. But I say it modestly, I am the future of Slovak MMA,” said the 21-year-old SFG representative 3-1 year over budget.

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Roman Paul and his story:

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Naruszczka Hoška challenged from a hole in a rat

Original Polish contender Carlos Vemol is back for the middleweight title (“Terminator” not started due to injury) Marcin Naruszczka is back on the winning wave after two controversial losses to Samuel “Pirate” Krištofi and David Hošek.

First Octagon Challenge finalist Jacob Pyle was annoyed with his grueling style of mesh spikes. Already, a six-year-old, 38-year-old student, sought revenge on Hošek, who said he was “hiding in a mouse hole”.

Salčák ended his career with a loss

Czech Pavel “Salin” Saljak lost to Matava in the last match of his career. An exotic fighter representing American Sam took the lead at the end of the first round. At the start of the second, he hit a local fighter with the wire and won by TKO. Salčák was sewn immediately after the fight, and he did not have time to say goodbye to the masses in the octagon.

The end of the Vikings special, draw energy with the beginning

Two-meter Thomas Narmo, who also appeared in the popular Vikings series, entered the octagon with a score of 4-0. He attracted fans by appearing on social networks, multiplying his attention with active adventures. But that was all for him.

Former heavyweight competitor Daniel Dietrich demonstrated greater technical sophistication and quality. Narmo himself wrapped up at the end of the first round, and the Czech fighter hit him from behind. During the break, Noor announced that some were going to the back of the neck and did not start the second round.