January 24, 2022

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Octagon 27: Mickael Lebout celebrates, Gábor Boráros lost. What then?

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Everyone has a strong opinion about him, he belongs to the fighters with the largest base of fans and critics. He does more about dumbbells and Instagram than his career in mixed martial arts, they blame him.

According to the coach, MMA does not pay enough attention

Gábor Boráros in an interview with ŠPORT.sk Before the 27 Octagon on Saturday, the MMA fighter promised for the first time. He announced that he had withdrawn from strength training and was more interested in the combat aspect. Although the Coach Ilja Škondrič said on Friday that he only completed one month of full MMA training instead of the required three.

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Muscles mean nothing

The arrival of the winner of the first octagon challenge was one of the most tumultuous moments of the evening. At the start of the match, there was a thunderous sound of “Zuť, zuť, zuť…” and the chant diminished as French UFC or M-1 veteran Mickael Lebout won from the fourth minute of the match. first round.

“Don’t make pi *oviny. Hand, foot, hand”Šárdrič trail named Borárosa for fixtures. However, his stepson could not carry out more strikes in a row, and Liebot “dominated” the “units”. Through direct interventions through open defense, gradually deal with the Slovak and Record it clearly.

After the last siren, the Frenchman symbolically pointed at the fatty pads on his stomach As an indication that the elaborate character that Boráros is based on means nothing in the martial arts world.

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Again, he can’t be happy

“We knew with the quality of the opponent that it would not be an easy war. I wanted to try new things from the preparation. They’ve been out in training, not several times a match. “I know what I have to work on to be better,” Buraus said after the fight.

He showed toughness and heart, but technically he couldn’t be satisfied with the performance. Despite the quality of the competitor. He didn’t endanger the Frenchman and wasn’t good enough for him.

While Boráros wasn’t able to even do two hits in the series and hide a takedown behind them, Lepot danced in the corner before the third round and entertained the fans. After the match, he admitted that he was thinking about the end of his career, but now he wants another duel in Octagon.

After Tatar Primer and Matúš Juráek, Boráros lost for the third time in a row, the series is also known in MMA as “The Road to Hell”. In addition to, Lost up to four of the last five duels and poor balance to 10-18 (1).

After the match, again facing criticism on social networks, he sent a message from the cage to the enemies: “People, I am so sorry that it did not work out. Perhaps you do not like me, I am. You can do me and say anything, I don’t care It doesn’t work for me. I am grateful for the opportunity to fight in front of you. I will keep fighting and you won’t stop me.”

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What about Boraus?

Despite the losses, Borárosa enjoys his way of training and fighting, and the coaches did not have an easy task with him. “I won’t let anyone lead me. I don’t like it very much, I’m stubborn. Only when the characters of Elijah Kondrich and Attila Vig tell me, I at least think about it, “ revealed to ŠPORT.sk.

It is doubtful when he will have a chance to return to the winning wave in MMA. He currently has an agreed boxing match, on February 26, 2022 he will play against Czech actor Jakub Šatvik.

It is popular among sports fans especially that “Lavi” of the Vyšehrad series, in boxing and MMA has a professional score of 1-0. He defeated developer Petr Benko in the Oktagon 15 tournament known as Wrestling of the Century.