January 21, 2022

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“Ocean-Viking” and “Sea-Watch” ships allowed to enter Sicily, with more than 800 migrants aboard

The emergency appeal initiated by the two ships was fruitful. More than 250 migrants disembark from humanitarian ship on Saturday, August 7 Marine surveillance, Sicily, whenOcean-VikingWith 550 people aboard the ship, dockyard permits were obtained, the chartered NGOs (NGOs) announced.

“#Seewatch 3 stopped at Tropani port [en Sicile] This morning. We are happy to finally have a safe port. “Glad, in a tweet, the German rescue association Sea-Watch International stated that it was going to test 257 people who got off the boat for the Covit-19. On Thursday, the NGO announced a situation “Review”Many of those on board showed signs of dehydration, some of whom had been at sea for a week, while the crew was without medication.

Meanwhile, the crewOcean-Viking, Chartered by the French association SOS Mitditerranée, the agency told France-Press that it had authorized the unloading of its 549 passengers at the Sicilian port of Bosallo on Sunday. The association also warned that while citizens suffer from dehydration and skin diseases, the group is drug-free.

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Sometimes a long wait for a “safe port”

“We need a safe place to unload them quickly.”, NGO spokeswoman and team member Julia Schaffermeyer stressed that 118 minors, including thirteen children under the age of 12, were among the passengers. Boat 555 people were rescued last weekend. Malta responded negatively to the NGO, while Libya and Tunisia did not respond to requests for safe ports.

MMe Schaefermeyer was asked to help form the European Union “Predictable landing mechanism”. After each rescue, voluntary charities have to wait, stranded at sea, sometimes for several days, reserved “Safe Port” Get off the sea officers.

Departure, interruption and arrival of migrants in the Mediterranean, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Is increasing this year. At least 1,113 people died trying to reach Europe in the first half of 2021 in the Mediterranean.

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