November 28, 2021

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Nobody expects change. Starlink gets a brand new design, is more durable and hides secrets

The famous white antennas that distinguish Starlink have disappeared. introduced a completely new design, however, it looks quite stylish and changes the router, while its durability and capabilities are significantly increased, tip informuje.

Competition can’t do that

While the competing satellite constellations in orbit have yet to yield anything, Except for the British company OneWebStarlink already has nearly 2,000 satellites in orbit. Just a few hours ago SpaceX has managed to launch another 53 Starlink satellites into orbit, start to “build” a completely new layer.


To communicate with these satellites, the customer needed a station in the form of a white antenna on a black stand, which until now was in the form of a plate. Elon Musk nicknamed it “UFO on the Hammer”, but after this design change, the shape was fundamentally changed in order to simplify production and reduce costs.

As Musk has reported in the past, even though this piece of hardware costs the customer $499, the company loses out. However, even after simplifying production, it should cost the customer 499 USD, but this time he will get a little more for the same amount of money, CNET writes.

More durable than before

Starlink devices in general have received a number of new components and features. As for the antenna itself, apart from changing the design to a square, nothing seriously changes for the customer. However, it loses the ethernet port that a large number of users may not have used, and the company got rid of it in order to reduce costs. According to Insider However, it is possible to purchase this component at the Starlink online store.

Falcon 9 launch with 53 Starlink satellites on board. Source: SpaceX / Flickr

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Customers can look forward to a much larger number of mounting components, making it possible to place the antenna almost anywhere and making the system more flexible. The company now also offers kits to run wires through walls.

It also offers new types of adapters and waterproof mounts, in which the customer can choose the appropriate type according to where he wants to put the antenna. Of course, he still needed a direct and unobstructed view of the sky.

SpaceX / Starlink

The WiFi router has also undergone significant changes, which now can withstand outdoor conditions and temperatures from -30 to +50 degrees Celsius. Thanks to a change in design, it now has a simple graphic representation of the Sun and two orbits – Earth and Mars. Among them is another circle showing the rocket’s transiting orbit to Mars. In addition to clarifying the ultimate goal of the company, it is also a reference SpaceX wants to build a Starlink constellation in Mars orbit in the future.