January 28, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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No need to raise prices – Michael Lightman – Blog

Recently, warnings have been in the headlines that prices will rise. Prices for many commodities are already starting to rise and experts warn that this is only the beginning. “Unilever warns of further price increases as inflation worsens,” Reuters reports. The New York Times reported that “as inflation continues, things are getting more expensive.” The Los Angeles Times reported that “the Federal Reserve (Federal Reserve System) will begin to slow economic assistance as inflation fears grow.” They have all become grim prophets, but no one asks why inflation should happen at all.

Commentators from all news portals have pointed out that shortages of computer chips, clogged supply chains, high oil prices and a sharp rise in consumer demand after deadlines are contributing to the price hike. I don’t think we should be too confident; Behind all these “crises” are people who are ready to earn billions and billions at our expense.

They won’t leave us starving. Hungry does not generate revenue for emperors. In order to keep filling their bank accounts, these leaders will give us crumbs here and there to keep us alive. They will not deprive us of food, electricity or other essential products because that will send people to the streets, which is bad for business. What they will do is stretch a thin wire until it almost breaks, squeezing as much of us as possible without getting into a mess.

We might think that if someone else was responsible, that would be better. We can elect a new president, force the government to “regulate” or tax the rich, but all this is pointless. To get to the top you have to be like the people at the top, even worse, otherwise they will crush you. As a result, everyone who reaches the top is already ready to unite this system.

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Moreover, we humans have been so dull for so many years that we can no longer imagine a life other than the one we live. They convinced us that life is a struggle for survival.

All this time, the big bosses have been living very different lives than ours, a life we ​​can’t even imagine. In their parallel world, ruled by ours, money does not buy equipment or vacations, but power, control and more money.

However, there is one thing money can’t buy, and it’s not love. You cannot buy the meaning of life with money!

When we begin to think about the meaning of our “struggle,” the cause of the madness we call “civilization,” and in fact the meaning of life itself, we transcend all physical limits. Yet, the inequality and injustice that pervades society only exacerbates our misery. In the end, they make us ask why all this is. When that happens, we begin to learn why we are here and how we can bypass the physical mailboxes that host our troubled souls.

We will only begin this process of self-education when we feel we have suffered enough. So, I hope we can decide to end this foolish ego game as soon as possible and start moving beyond the power struggle.

When we embark on a new journey, we find that we have been cheated all the time when we thought we could rise above others. We find that we are all connected, so when we hurt someone, we hurt ourselves in a way that we can’t even notice. This is why we have never been happy with the previous way of working. We realize that we can only be happy when everyone is happy, just as no part of the body feels good if the whole body is not.

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Our greatest enemy is ignorance. Our ignorance of our interconnectedness forces us to act selfishly, so our first and most important task is to understand that pain everywhere is pain everywhere.

Only if we understand this, we will act carefully and suddenly find that there is no need for price increases, there is no shortage of anything, but, on the contrary, there is an abundance of everything we can need for a good, safe and happy life.